The Godfather #MovieReview

Now I have seen this one before… but I was too young to know what was going on! Regardless, film number 16 from the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” list is 1972’s The Godfather. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola who hadn’t directed anything since 1969’s The Rain People! There’s a few things I want to bring up. One is a fact and one are comments from Francis that TMZ got when they asked him about The Godfather trilogy. I’ll start with the fact. The baby baptised in the film was Sofia Coppola, the director’s daughter, who was three weeks old at the time. She would later go on to play Mary Corleone in The Godfather: Part III. The comments from Francis… I’m not sure what to say but… here take a watch/listen ->  With those comments in mind, let me know what you think about both Francis’s comments and your thoughts on 1972’s The Godfather


Film – The Godfather
Year – 1972
Director – Francis Ford Coppola
Staring – Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan
IMDb Rating – 9.2/10
My Rating – 8.8/10
That theme song! 
We start with a monolauge about a daughter
“They made her drink whisky” – BASTARDS!
Why is it every film I’ve seen so far either involes women abuse or animals being shot/killed
It turns out that we’re in Don Corleone’s office – I think it is
He whispers in Don’s ear that he wants the two men dead for hurting his daughter
Don says he can’t do that
I love Marlon Brando’s voice in these films
Don isn’t convinced and thinks he’s been disrespected
We’re at Don’s daughter’s wedding
Michael hasn’t arrived yet
Every car looks the same! How are you supossed to know which one’s yous
I wish I knew Italian
The bride just made $30,000 in gifts
You’re working on the wedding!
The FBI are ticketing everyone
Smash the camera!
Back in Don’s office
Enzo’s dad asks Don if Enzo can say so his daughter can be married
Michael’s arrived in his Army gear
Luca Brasi wants to see Don so he can thank him
Luca is outside rehearsing what to say to Don
Tom meets with Michael and Kay
Tom is a orphan!
And a lawyer!
Back in Don’s office with Don & Luca
Has Luca has forgotten his lines?
Nice of Luca to say thanks for the invite – Haven’t seen anyone else do that yet
Is that woman trying to say how big her husband’s dick is?
Didn’t know Prince Charles was in this
Whoever he is, he’s got moves
Don’t over do it your teeth will fall out
Johnny has arrived and is mauled by guests
Michael tells Kay how Don helps Johnny
Johnny interrupts with karaoke
Feel like I’m in a One Direction concert with these screaming girls
“Made him a offer he couldn’t refuse” – Feel like I’m gonna be hearing that line a lot
Michael says he’s not like the rest of his family
Johnny finishes and hugs Don
Fredo then meets with Michael
Is Fredo drunk?
Back in Don’s office
Well now
Sonny is in the middle of a shag 
Tom tells him that Don wants to see him
Don then mocks Johnny for crying 
Sonny then enters Don’s office
“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse” – There’s that line again
That’s a giant cake – Wonder if that’ll get destroyed
Don tells Tom that he needs to head to California to deal with Johnny’s situation
Time for the bride to tand with her Dad
Nice stock footage of California
At Woltz’ International Pictures
Tom arrives and finds Jack Woltz
Tom tells him that Johnny wants to be in Woltz war movie
Woltz tells him that no
Tom leaves 
At Woltz’s house
Tom and Woltz talk while we have a tour of Woltz’s house
Woltz shows Tom his prize winning horse
Lets talk over dinner
Woltz still tells Tom that Johnny can’t have that role because he ruined a previous movie years ago
“She was the greatest piece of ass I ever had” – Another line used for other reasons nowadays
Woltz demands Tom leaves – He hasn’t finished his food!
The next morning
Woltz awakes from his bed to find blood on his quilt
There’s blood on him and all over his bed
Back with Don in New York
Don is with Tom and Sonny
They talk about Sollozzo
Tom tells Don that they need to get Sollozzo’s narcotics 
Don meets with Solozzo
Sollozzo makes an offer to Don and he refuses
Don tells Sonny after the meeting to not open his mouth
Ton then tells Don that Johnny got the role
Don asks for Luca Brasi
Don tells Luca to keep an eye on Sollozzo
We’re with Michael and Kay
We’re not with Luca putting on body armour 
Luca meets with Bruno Tattaglia
I’m glad I have subtitles on as their talking Italian 
Well that escalated quickly
Luca is choked to death and was stabbed in the hand
Tom also went shopping and bumps into Bruno
Don is off fruit shopping
Don is then shot!
Fredo watches on then cries
At Radio City Music Hall
Michael and Kay leave and see a headline in the paper about Don Corleone being shot
Michael rings Sonny 
Sonny advices Michael to come home and visit his mom
Clemenza arrives and tells Sonny about Don
Sonny tells Clemenza to get some men
Sonny then gets a call from Bruno saying they have Tom
Bruno tells him to call Sonny, Tessio & Clemenza
They let Tom leave without telling him that they killed Luca
Bruno is then told that Don is alive
Michael arrives at the Corleone house
Everyone is there
Clemenza breaks the news about Don
Tom, Sonny, Clemenza, Michael & Tessio talk about what to do next
Paulie knocks and says there’s a package 
Sonny says Paulie needs to be taken out
Tessio arrives with the package
It’s Luca’s body armour and fish
A Sicilian Message
Clemenza, Rocco and Paulie  head to the West Side of New York
They pull over so Clemenza can piss in a corn field
Rocco then shoots Paulie in the back of the head
“Leave the gun, take the cannoli”
Back with Michael 
He gets a call from Kay
Michael can’t say “I Love You” in a room full of men
Clemenza mocks him before giving him a cooking lesson
Is Sonny in charge while Don is in hospital
Michael visits Kay and Michael says he has to go
He also tells her to say and not get involved
Michael tells her to go back to her parent’s in New Hampshire so she is safe
At the hospital
Michael arrives to find no receptionist nor staff
Michael runs to Don’s room and is told to leave by a nurse but stays anyway
Michael suggests he and the nurse move him to another room so he can’t be found
They move him just in time 
We hear footsteps and it’s Enzo
Enzo offers to help Don and Michael
Don smiles as he hears Michael’s voice
He meets with Enzo outside the hospital and they play the waiting game
Some men arrive and then drive off
How to calm down with Enzo – Light a cigarette
Police arrive and rough up Michael
Captain McCluskey tells Michael that he doesn’t want anyone near the hospital
Tom and some men arrive and address McCluskey
How to guard a gate with The Corleones – Use a chain and a car in front of the gate
Sonny tells Tom argue about what to do next
Tom tells him about McClusky being paid off
You know it’s personal when you undo the knot in your tie
Michael suggests a meeting with him, Sollozzo & McCluskey
Michael suggests Clemenza hide a weapon in a restraunt/bar so he can kill them both
I know Michael’s meant to have a broken jaw but he sounds like he has a gobstopper in his mouth
Clemenza then gives Michael the gun and gives him tips about what to do after shooting them
Clemenza just compared McCluskey & Sollozzo to Adolf Hitler
Back with Sonny
Lots of eating in this film
This time it’s a Chinese Takeaway
Is it a requirement to have everyone wear suspenders
They get the location for the meet
Tessio and Clemenza tell him what to do and where to hide the gun
Sonny and Michael share one last hug
Michael then hugs Tom before leaving
Michael, Sollozzo & McCluskey meet in the car and head to the restraunt
How is Michael able to stand in a car while being searched
They head to New Jersey but at the last second turn around
They arrive at Louis’s Restraunt
Let the meeting begin
More Italian – This time the subtitles don’t work
Back to English
Sollozzo says he missed his chance to take out Don Corleone
Michael heads to the bathroom and finds the gun taped to the back of a toilet
No turning back now Michael
Back to Italian
Michael then shoots Sollozzo and McCluskey then leaves 
He actually did it
We get a montage of everything that happened in a space of a year
Lots of blood soaked photos
At the hospital, an escort takes an ambulance back to The Corleone Estate
Everyone leave – Even you audience
Don awakes and is told news of Tom tells him the news
Sonny is sending Fredo to Las Vegas 
Don wants to know where Michael is
Tom tells him Michael was the one who did the shootings
More arguements
Time for family Sunday meal
“We don’t discuss business at the table”
In a field in the middle of nowhere
Michael is there and is told that he maybe be in danger
Am I in Italy?
Your hitchhiking attempts clearly aren’t working
Michael and his bodyguards continue walking until they find a restraunt
Also, it turns out we’re in Sicily
Michael tells Vitilo who he is and says he wants to meet his daughter
Vilito says yes and they head to his house
Vilito’s daughter appears and is given a present by Michael
It’s a necklace!
More food!
Has Michael forgotten about Kay or is this part of his “lay low” plan?
Back in New York
Sonny’s finished having sex with another random woman then leaves to head to his sisters
At Sonny’s sister
Sonny finds out that she’s been hit
Sonny finds his sister’s boyfriend and beats him up – Good his orange suit looked horried to begin with
FIGHT!! – It’s Sonny vs Sonny’s Sister’s Boyfriend – Basically a one sided ass kicking 
Sonny wins
Back in Sicily
Michael marries Vilito’s daughter and then paraded through the city
They look like the happiest couple ever <- SARCASM
Time for the first dance
Later that day in the bedroom
Time for sex
Back in New York
Kay arrives at The Corleone Estate
She meets with Tom and wants to know where Michael is
They can’t tell her incase any information gets out
Back with Sonny’s Sister
She breaks all the house when her husband doesn’t want dinner
More womens abuse with belt whipping
How have the neighbours not heard her screams
She rings Sonny to tell him what happened
Sonny arrives at a border and is brutally shot to death
Yeah I think he’s dead
Back with Tom
The Don is out of bed
Tom tells Don that Sonny is dead
Don says he wants no acts of vengeance and wants a meeting with all five head members of each family
Don meets with the man from the begining of the film at a morgue
That guy has a terrible comb-over
Back in Sicily with Michael 
He’s teaching his wife how to drive
Don Tommassio arrives
He struggles everytime to get out of his car
He tells Michael the news about Sonny
Michael is about to leave but his car blows up with his wife inside
Back in New York with the heads of each family
Remember earlier how I said I like Marlon Brando’s voice acting in this, now I can’t understand him
HAHA Communism 
Don wants Michael back in America 
The Corleones & The Tallagia’s hug and shake hands
After the meeting, Don accuses Barzini of all the problems caused
Back with Kay who finds Michael!
Wait it’s been a year past since Michael was back in America
Michael tells Kay that he is now working for Don
Michael wants to marry Kay
Back with Don 
Clemenza wants to start his own family
Don has made Michael the head of the family
They want to move to Las Vegas and start all over again
Michael and Don tell Tom that he’s out of the family
In Las Vegas
Michael arrives at his hotel room and meets with Fredo, a lot of women and a brass band
Michael wants to know what happened to Moe Greene
Johnny is also there
Michael tells Johnny  about selling everything
“I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse” – Yay! It’s back!
Moe Greene arrives and isn’t threatened by Michael’s offer to buy him out
Moe has connections with Barzini
Moe leaves angry
Michael tells Fredo to not pick sides
Back in New York
Since when did Michael and Kay have a kid
Kay tells Michael that her sister wants him to he their Godfather
Michael meets with Don
Wine’s good for you – Gonna try it later and find out?
Michael says he can handle anything
Don opens up to Michael 
Later that day
Don is teaching Michael’s kid, Anthony, how to water plants and vines
Don then scares Anthony with false teeth
Don collapses as Anthony runs away
Don is dead from a heart attack
At Don’s funeral
Everyone is there to pay their respects
Tessio has a private word with Michael
He tells him Barzini wants a meeting with Michael
Michael tells Tom the news
Michael says he’s gonna wait ’til after the baptism
At the church
We are in progress for the baptism
I didn’t know priests blow air in babies faces before baptising them
Everyone else is preparing for something
It’s a police diguise!
I like what they’ve done with blending the baptism with everyone else’s scenes
He’s dead
Moe Greene’s dead
You’re dead
They’re dead
And you’re dead
Michael is baptised
Outside the church, Michael informed about the hits
Tessio and Tom make their way outside but are stopped
Tessio is then kicked out of the family
Tom heads back inside
Michael enters Carlo’s house
Michael blames him for Sonny’s death
Michael tells him everyone is dead
Come on Carlo, Spill the beans
Michael tells Carlo is out of the family and off to Vegas
Carlo tells Michael that Barzini set up Sonny’s death
Have a nice trip
Hey Clemenzo
Well that’s Carlo dead
Carlo nearly kicked the camera while dying
Sonny’s Sister arrives and confronts Michael
I’ve finally know Sonny’s Sister name – It’s Connie
Connie’s spent more time screaming  then actually doing anything about anything
Just stay out of this Kay
Did Michael just lie to Kay – All men are the same right women?
Michael is now made Don

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