1976’s “Rocky” #MovieReview

Film 15 of 1001 was 1976’s Rocky. Staring Sylvester Stallone who also wrote the film as Rocky. Before this, Stallone was in Death Race 2000 the year before as Machine Gun Joe Viterbo who raced his car killing people for points and here we are and he’s a unknown boxer about to get his big break. I loved the story. It really showed how a nobody can truly becoming a somebody. I really loved the ending. It made we want to watch Rocky 2 just to watch the rematch so a job well done in that department. It’s a shame none of the other Rocky films made it on the list because I really want to watch the rematch, Rocky vs Clubber Lang (played by Mr. T) and who can’t forget Ivan Drago from Rocky 4 (played by Dolph Lundgren). Getting to watch the scenes of Rocky training including in infamous jog/run up the steps was fantastic as I’d never really seen it. I’d only seen parodies but never the original. Overall, enjoyable film. Would recommend. Also, I’ve invented a drinking game. Have a shot every time Rocky say’s either “Yo, Adrian” or Adrian’s name after the match. Also (something I though was in this film but wasn’t) WHERE WAS MY EYE OF THE TIGER? 😦 Anyway, here’s what I had to say while watching 1976’s Rocky. ADRIAN!!!


Film – Rocky
Year – 1976
Director – John G. Avildsen
Staring – Silvester Stallone
IMDb Rating – 8.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating – 92%
My Rating –
We open with Rocky in the ring in the midde of a match
Fans are into the match
“You’re fighting like a bum”
Fans get bored they start throwing rubbish in the ring
This fight is over
Rocky wins!
Kid Brooks vs Sugar Johnson is next
Rocky is given a cigarette from a fan after the match
$40.55 for winning and $16 for losing
On the streets we find Rocky walking
We then find a group of people stood around a bin on fire singing
Rocky is friendly with them and compliments their futures
In Rocky’s apartment
First order of business – finish off what’s left of my beer
Rocky is upset his fish couldn’t see his fight
One of his fish is called Moby Dick – Thought that was a giant whale
This picture isn’t me!
Back to the freezer for some ice to heal the wound above his eye in bed
The next day, Rocky visits a pet store
Rocky talks to Adrian about turtle food
Does Rocky work in the pet store?
Turns out no
Rocky is now at a dock
Rocky confronts Bob about $200 Mr Gazzo is owed
Bob only has $130!
“You should have planned ahead”
Where did he get a bouncy ball from
Rocky meets with Mr Gazzo in his car
Mr Gazzo talks to Rocky about why he didn’t break Bob’s thumb
Is Mr Gazzo a loan shark?
“How do you spell Del Rio?”
Back at the boxing gym
Rocky has his lock combination in his hat
Someone appears to have changed his lock
When in doubt, use a fire extungisher
Rocky gets upset when Mickey told the janitor to hang Rocky’s gear on Skid Row
Mickey calls Rocky “A Tomato”
Mickey says Rocky fights like a ape
Rocky is being screwed left and right
It was day when Rocky entered the gym and two minutes later it’s night!
Rocky heads to the pet store to talk to Adrian
Adrian completely ignores him to feed the birds
“Don’t these birds look like candy?”
If Rocky and Adrian are meant to be in love, then it’s not made clear via Adrian
Rocky just grabbed a bum off the street and gave him to a randomer
Rocky talks to Paule in the toilets
Paulie says him and Adrian will die alone
Paulie invites Rocky to his for Thanksgiving
Rocky and the barman watch the news
Apollo Creed talks about his fight with Mac Lee Green
“Forget about sports about a profession”
Rocky walks past Marie outside a store
Rocky tells her not to pick up any addictions
Marie is 12! – Addictions started earlier than I thought
Rocky is a good life coach
Marie didn’t cared about what Rocky had to say
No one likes Rocky 😦
Now we’re with Apollo Creed
He’s told Mac Lee Green has injured his hand
No one wants to fight Apollo with 5 weeks notice – UFC fighters can manage it why can’t boxers
Apollo suggests facing a underdog
“It’s very American”
Back with Rocky and Mr Gazzo
Buddy calls Adrian a retard
“Retards like the zoo”
Mr Gazzo gives Rocky $50 to spend on Adrian
Back with Apollo who’s looking for an opponent
“The Italian Stallion”
“Who discovered America? An Italian!” – Hang on, let me check
He’s right! Christopher Columbus discovered America and was born in Genoa, Italy – The more you know
Apollo wants Rocky
Back with Rocky and Paulie
Their off to see Adrian and have Thanksgiving
“Your sister knows I’m coming?” – Rocky says this three times
Adrian doesn’t want to go out with  Rocky
She won’t go because there’s a turkey in the oven
Paulie takes the turkey and throws it eats it
Rocky doesn’t know what to say to Adrian – Just like me and women in general
“What do I say to a door?”
Rocky suggests him and Adrian go out for a meal
Adrian doesn’t say anything and goes along with it
Rocky and Adrian head to a closed ice skating ring
$10 for 10 minutes
Rocky doesn’t need skates
He just jogs next to Adrian who is on skates!
I now know the history of “South Paw”
Rocky then shows Adrian his dislocated finger then shows her photos of his fights
Rocky claims no one wants to fight a South Paw – He doesn’t know Apollo Creed is looking for him
Rocky says he became a boxer because “he can’t sing or dance”
“People are shy by nature” – LIKE ME!!!
Adrian doesn’t know why anyone would want to be a boxer
They head to Rocky’s apartment
64 fights without a broken nose! LIES!
Rocky invites Adrian into his apartment
She hesitates at first before finally entering
Drinking Game – Have a shot everytime Rocky says “Yo Adrian”
Rocky then talks about the fish he bought at Adrian’s pet store
It’s clear Adrian doesn’t want to be there
Who needs a phone when you can shout out the window
Adrian says she doesn’t belong in Rocky’s apartment
Rocky really is opening up his heart to Adrian
STOP BEING SHY! – Wait I’m always shy – STOP BEING SHY ME!
In the morning at the gym
Rocky is told Mickey is looking for him
Mickey tells Rocky that working with Mr Gazzo is a waste of his life
Rocky then heads to Apollo’s offices
Rocky meets with George Jergens
George tells Rocky that Apollo wants to fight him
Rocky says no!
Rocky thinks it wouldn’t be a good fight
“It’s the chance of a lifetime”
Paulie. Rocky and Adrian are at home watching Apollo Creed’s news conference
Rocky is on the news conference
They ask him about his nickname
Rocky gives Adrian a shout out
Paulie then suggests to help Rocky
Rocky says he will train himself
Rocky leaves
Before he does, he says the stuff they said at the conference hurt him
Rocky then meets with Mr Gazzo
He gives him $500 for training expenses
Back with Mickey
Mickey meets with Rocky at his apartment
Mickey suggests turning his turtles into soup before giving him advice
He then asks if he can be Rocky’s manager
Rocky’s still upset about not having a locker
Mickey tells Rocky about his time as a boxer
Mickey doesn’t want Rocky to end up like him
Mickey gets upset because Rocky doesn’t want him as a manager
Rocky has a rant so load Mickey can hear him outside
Rocky’s punches can’t be that hard if he can’t punch a hole in his toilet door
Rocky then runs after Mickey and apologises
They shake hands
How to have breakfast with Rocky – Drink 5 eggs in one go
Rocky heads outside and goes for a jog
His jog takes him through Philadelphia
He jogs up the steps and then walks back down them
Rocky then meets with Paulie in the back room of a butchers
Rocky walks past a chopped up cow and says “moo”
Paulie asks Rocky if he really likes Adrian
Paulie really wants a job with Mr Gazzo
Rocky then uses the meat as a punching bag
Rocky meets with Adrian at her house
Back at the gym
Mickey suggests tying string to help with his balance
“Women weaken legs”
Rocky heads home to find Adrian outside
Adrian gives him Butkus the dog to help with his jogging
Rocky then goes out for another jog with the dog
Paulie brought the news to watch Rocky train and interview him
Apollo’s manager watches Rocky on the news
Rocky then punches the meat on the news
Apollo talks about the event rather than watch Rocky
It’s Christmas now
Paulie returns home drunk
Paulie kicks both Rocky and Adrian out of his house because Rocky didn’t get a job with Mr Gazzo
Paulie and Adrian start having a arguement while Rocky watches on
Rocky intervines when he claims Adrian isn’t a virgin no more
Adrian asks Rocky if she can move in
Rocky says yes!
Back at the gym
“You’re gonna eat lightning, and crap thunder”
Paulie meets with Rocky about advertising
Time of a jog WITH TRUMPETS
Philadelphia was a dump in the 70s
One-armed push ups
Time to run up them steps
Arms in the air
Back in Rocky’s apartment
Rocky leaves with Adrian in his bed
At the arena, Rocky walks around to see everything
Apollo Creed has giant banners of him and Rocky
Rocky says his shorts colour are wrong
Now I’m playing a game of “Which arena is this filmed in?”
Rocky returns to his apartment
Adrian’s still asleep
Rocky tells Adrian he can’t beat Apollo
Is Rocky having second thoughts?
Rocky doesn’t care if he loses
He wants to go the distance as no one has done that against Apollo
Rocky is getting prepared
Apollo is getting prepared as well
Rocky has a pray before he heads out to the ring
Does his robe make my ass look big?
“Could be the caveman against the cavalier
Rockys record is 44-20
Apollo enters the ring imitating George Washington – Is he the Hulk Hogan of boxing?
Now he’s Uncle Sam
“He looks like a flag”
I wish one of the Banner’s was the ring announcer
“Smoking” Joe Fraizer makes an appearance and wishes both Rocky and Apollo luck
These crowd shots look like stock footage
Apollo is undefeated in his last 46 fights!
Rocky takes a few to the face
Apollo is toying and taunting with Rocky
Rocky hits one shot and knocks Apollo down
Apollo’s up and this fight continues
If I was judging this, I’d call it even for round one
Rocky’s nose is broken!
Round 2
This is all Apollo
Rocky fights back
Round after round they go
How many rounds are there in boxing?
Rocky’s down!
Adrian watches from the back
Rocky fights back and gets a good shot to Apollo’s ribs
“Cut me, Mick”
Round 15 – The last round
Rocky takes control
That;s it
News ask Rocky questions
All Rocky wants is Adrian
Your winner by Split Decision is… Apollo Creed
Rocky doesn’t care, he went the distance
The two hug in the ring

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