Terminator 2: Judgment Day #MovieReview #Terminator

Just finished film 14 of 1001 in the “Films to See Before You Die”. This one was 1991’s “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”. Having not yet seen The Terminator (which is on the list) but have Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (yes I know I’m watching this backwards) I have to agree with critics and say that this is the best one of the four so far. Granted number 5 entitled “Genesis” doesn’t hit cinemas until 2015 but for now this was great. Very intense chase scenes that had me on the edge of my seat and the first film out of the 14 where I got a little emotional at the end. Would highly recommended this but I would watch the first one before this just so you know the story a bit better (unlike me watching it the opposite way round). If you have seen this then let me know what you think in the comments below but right now here is what I had to saw while watching “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”


Film – Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Year – 1991
Director – James Cameron
Staring – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong
IMDb Rating – 8.5/10
My Rating – 8.9/10
Second Schwarzenegger film in a row – Last one was Total Recall
Busy America, full of cars and people
Now in 2029 and everything is ruined
Monolauge from Sarah
We see the machines rage war on the military
Judging from this, we’ll be having lazer guns in 2029
And robots will attack us 
A plane gets shot down 
More from Sarah
She tells us about The Terminator’s last attempt at trying to kill her
Opening credits roll as background is on fire
A Robot then appears through the fire – Was so tempted to quote Dragonforce
We are then shown a truck park and The Terminator appears
Never understood why they arrive nude
The Terminator arrives at The Corral – A biker bar
He walks up to a biker and asks for his boots, bike & clothes
The biker says “You forgot to say please” then burns his cigar on his chest
The biker then gives him everything
One biker with a shotgun still wants a piece of The Terminator
The Terminator snatches it from him and takes his sunglasses before riding away on a Harley Davidson
At a electric plant, a policeman arrives to investigate
It appears the T-1000 has arrived
T-1000 kills the policeman and takes his clothes, gun and car
T-1000 uses the police computer to get information on John Connor
We find John working on his bike in his garage
Todd is watching the boxing
Janelle is mad that John hasn’t cleaned his room
John rides off 
At the police station
Sarah is working out in a prison cell
Dr Silberman tells his doctors about Sarah’s past
Sarah aparently stabbed Silberman in the knee a few weeks ago – He’s walking fine 
Two doctors enter her room
“Time to take your meds”
The doctor hits her in the stomach with a trunchent
The other one zaps her with a tazer gun
They then shove drugs down her throat
T-1000 then arrives at John’s foster parents house
He asks for a photograph of John and they say he can keep him
Todd & Janelle say that a man on a bike arrived earlier
John is then found at a ATM hacking away for $300
Why does he need to carry a radio with him
John tells his friend about Sarah
The Terminator appears – Dun Dun Dun
Back with Sarah 
Kyle appears and tells her that The Terminator is after John
Kyle isn’t real!?!
Sarah then runs after him 
Sarah opens the doors to the outside
She is now at a children’s park
Didn’t I just see these shots from earlier?
It was all a dream – Well bugger
Dr Silberman & Sarah are in a meetng room watching a video of Sarah’s last meeting with him
In the video, she says Terminators are real
In 2029, they still use Standard Definition TVs – Fuck you HD
“I’m much better now”
Sarah tells Dr Silberman that she wants to see John again
Sarah now says Terminators don’t exist as there is no evidence that they ever existed
Am I at SkyNet?
Well I’m with Miles Dyson
He enters a secret room which contains what appears to be a chip from a computer
He also has a forearm and hand from a Terminator
Back with Dr Silberman 
He doesn’t believe everything Sarah just told him
They tell her that she has to stay for another 6 months
She then attacks them 
Back with John and Guns N’ Roses in the LA River
Nevermind we’re now with The Terminator
He’s found John!!!
T-1000 is then told my two girls that John is heading for the arcade
I think things are about to kick off
My life maybe in danger, better play After Burner
John’s friend tells him that the police (T-1000) is after him
John escapes through the fire exit and is met by The Terminator
He’s got a Gun… and roses
“Get down”
The Terminator then shoots T-1000 before using himself as a shield to protect John
6 shotgun shots later and T-1000 is back up
FIGHT!!! – It’s The Terminator vs T-1000
While this is happening, John escapes 
Typical – You want to leave and the bike doesn’t work
Works now that T-1000 is running after him
He runs quicker than Usain Bolt
T-1000 then steals a truck and chases John 
The Terminator then chases T-1000 in his Harley
Into the LA River
Don’t stop you idiot!!!
T-1000 drives of the bridge to get into the river
The Terminator catches up with T-1000 
He then shoots at T-1000’s truck 
T-1000 then starts ramming John 
The Terminator then takes John and puts him on his Harley
He then shoots out one of the tyres on the truck causing it to crash and explode
Well that was intense
T-1000 emerges through the fire unharmed
John knows that he was saved by The Terminator
Does he geek out or say thanks
Prod his face
“My mission is to protect you”
The Terminator tells him that John sent him to save himself 35 years from now
The Terminator and John then drive through the night and talk about T-1000
Well that’s one way of getting a quarter for the phone
John rings Janelle and tells him about what just happened
John is questioning about if his parents 
T-1000 has gotten into Janelle
That looked violent – a sword through the throat
Not the dog!
T-1000 just killed John’s dog, Max
Back with Sarah
They have evidence of The Terminator existing
They are having Subway while interrogating her
Back with John and Terminator (I’ll lost the The)
John tells him about Sarah
John suggests to break her out
Terminator says “Negative”
John is in command of Terminator
He commands Termiator to attack two people
Terminator tries shooting one of the men but John stops him
“You can’t just go around killing everyone!”
John orders Terminator to help him save Sarah
T-1000 arrives at the police station
They have strapped Sarah to her bed
The doctor just licked her face – Creep!
Sarah had a paperclip in her mouth and breaks free from the straps
T-1000 is looking for Sarah
Paperclips – Good for lockpicking
T-1000 appears from a footprint
T-1000 then kills the police officer he looks exactly like
One of the doctors gets attacked by Sarah and a broken piece of wood from a mop
Time to escape
She knows that T-1000 is looking for her
She then finds Dr Silberman and breaks his arm
Terminator and John arrive
Terminator just took a scout honour
Sarah has Dr Silberman hostage with poison
Sarah’s a badass!
T-100 hears the alarm and realises Sarah is escaping
Terimator has found Sarah
Ah woman’s abuse
John and Sarah reunite
“Come with me if you want to live”
T-1000 has found them
Just casually walk through these bars
Shotgun to the face!
Tis but a scratch
Sarah then steals a policecar with John and Terminator
T-1000 has caught up and another chase is on
Why would John have spare bullets on him
Also, where did he get them from
T-1000 hooks on the back of the car as it’s driven by Terminator
Sarah then takes the wheel while Termiantor shoots at him
Thank you for giving me my foot back
“I see everything” – Does he see dead people like that kid from The Sixth Sense?
Sarah says she didn’t need their help to escape
Back at the station with T-1000
He steals a bike but we don’t see that
At a garage, they hide the police car there 
Terminator then stitches Sarah’s cut 
Sarah then removes the bullets in Terminator’s back
Sarah then opens the skull part of Terminator to get to the CPU
That just switched him off
Sarah still thinks Terminator is out to kill him
She tries smashing the CPU but John stops him
John just got her told!
John places the CPU back in Terminator’s head
Terminator is nothing but a thief
John then tries teaching Terminator some common phrases
“Hasta La Vista Baby”
“Chill out, Dickwad”
They let kids play with guns in the desert
Terminator then tries to smile
It doesn’t suit him
“Age is a drag”
Sarah asks Terminator about how SkyNet 
Terminator tells her about Miles Dyson
He says SkyNet will have military supplys to fight Terminators
August 29th
SkyNet is gonna attack Russia 
At Mile’s house
In 2029, everyone uses giant bulky computers… and floppy disks
Miles tells his wife, Tarissa about what he’s been doing
You switch computers off with the enter key – Let me try
Nope – Still works
Terminator, Sarah & John than arrive at a trailer park looking for Enrique
I wish I knew Spanish
Terminator is Uncle Bob – OK then
Sarah drinks Tequilla straight from the bottle
Sarah wants her stuff
They have army supplies hidden in the floor
Sarah tells Enrique that they should all leave in the night
John asks Terminator if he is ever afriad
John then tells Terminator about things Sarah told him about being a leader
John wishes he could see his Dad
“Why do you cry?”
Only just realised John has a Public Enemy shirt on
Typical Hi-5 training
Is Sarah comparing Terminators to fathers who don’t abuse kids?
Sarah than has a flashback to the children’s park from earlier
This kinda makes sense now – Future Sarah is trying to warn past Sarah about the nuke
Back to reality
“No Fate” is carved in the table
Sarah then drives off leaving everything and everyone behind
Terminator and John think she’s heading to Miles Dyson and SkyNet
Terminator just brought up T-1000 – Where is he?
Sarah arrives at Miles’s house armed with sniper rifle
Miles appears to have switched his computer back on
Why do I have the feeling he was gonna move
Sarah then starts firing bullets into the house
Sarah is about to shoot Miles in the head but stops herself
This causes her to cry
John and Terminator arrive 
Terminator slices his arm to reveal his robot arm
Terminator tells Miles about how he could kill millions of people at SkyNet
I think Sarah hates men in general
Miles suggests that everything must be destroyed apart from the CPU from the original Terminator
Terminator suggests that they need to be destroyed as well
Terminator, Sarah, John & Miles arrive at CyberNet
Silly policeman, should have just let them in
Another policeman finds him tied up in the mens toilets
John still has the hacking device?!
“Fire in the Hole”
Well if the alarms weren’t tripped before they are now
He’s at Mile’s house
He hears that they are at CyberNet
They are destroying everything
Have the entire California Police Department there?
John hacks into the vault then finds out police are outside
All the polic take cover behind a hill while Terminator shoots at cars and blows them up
John and Miles enter the vault and take the CPU and the arm 
Police then move in 
Miles is then shot by police
Miles sacrifces himself with the detonator while the others escape
Miles is dead taking everything with him
T-1000 has arrived
“I’ll be back”
Police start shooting at Terminator 
He just shoots them all
The bullets remove parts of his flesh
T-1000 rides his bike inside the building looking for them
Terminator then goes outside and takes a SWAT van
I said I was close to quoting Dragonforce earlier but sod it – “Through the Fire and the Flames we Carry on!”
T-1000 then takes control of a helicopter after realising they’ve escape
Terminator knows that T-1000 has caught up to them
Sarah shoots at T-1000 
How is he flying and shooting without crashing
Sarah is then shot in the thigh 
Terminator slams on the breaks and T-1000 crashes into the back of it
The SWAT van then flips over
T-1000 then steals a truck full of Liquid Nitrogen
Terminator, Sarah and John steal a gardener’s truck
Well there goes the wooden shed on the truck
John then takes over while Terminator shoots at T-1000
Terminator then jumps on the front of the truck, shoots T-1000 and flips the truck
They drive through a steel mill
The nitrogen has spilled!
Also, John crashed the truck
T-1000 hops out of the truck and his hit with the nitrogen causing him to start freezing 
Pieces of hi start falling off
“Hasta La Vista Baby”
Terminator shoots T-1000 causing him to shatter into pieces
As soon as I hear that shatter sound, my brain instantly thought of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music
The steel and liquid then start reforming the T-1000
Sarah is in severe pain from being shot earlier
T-1000 then gets stuck to a handrail but shakes it off
Terminator tries to guide them through the mill
He then tells Sarah and John to run
FIGHT – Terminator vs T-1000 2 – The Rematch 
Terminator gets his arm crushed by a cog meaning he’s trapped
John and Sarah escape up a ladder
Terminator removes his arm from the cog with a pipe
T-1000 has found them!!!
Sarah sacrifices herself to save John 
T-1000 then stabs Sarah in the shoulder
T-1000 speaks – “Call John”
Terminator then saves Sarah before T-1000 can stab her
T-1000 then kicks the crap out of Terminator 
He even resorts to crushing his skull
Lead pipe through the chest causes electic shocks and paralyzes Terminator
Terminator goes into “Alternate Power” mode and removes the pipe from himself
John then hears Sarah’s voice calling for help
It was a fake – That was the T-1000
Sarah then shoots T-1000 
It’s Terminator who shoots an explosive into T-1000’s chest which causes him to fall into the lava below causing him to melt
“I need a vacation”
T-1000 has been terminated
John then throws the arm and CPU into the lava
Terminator says his chip must be destroyed
He asks Sarah to kill him
Terminator now knows why people cry
He and John then share a hug
He also shakes Sarah’s hand before going into the lava
Terminator gives them a thumbs up before dying
I’m upset now 😦
I also just shed a tear

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