Seeing “Total Recall” (1990) for the First Time #MovieReview

Film number 13 of 1001 that I have watched is 1990’s Total Recall. Based on a novel written by Philip K. Dick. I found it to be very enjoyable and would recommend it. There was a brief moment in the film where I did get a bit lost but I managed to know what was happening once the next scene came. Speaking of scene, some of the shots were clearly obvious what was studio/location filming and what was filmed in front of a green/blue screen. It was 1990 so I’ll let them off. Also, is it a requirement for Arnold Schwarzenegger to be in a film and be covered in blood, muck etc. (this, Terminator, Predator, Commando just to name a few). Now the question is… do I watch the 2012 remake with Colin Farrell? If you saw this or the remake, let me know what you think of it in the comment section. Right now, here is what I had to say while watching Total Recall. 


Film – Total Recall

Year – 1990

Director – Paul Verhoeven

Staring – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone, Michael Ironside

IMDb Rating – 7.5/10

My Rating – 7.7/10


The words… there melting…. 


Douglas & Lori arrive and stare at a cliff beofre continueing on walking

Douglas then slips and his mask breaks

The air causes his eyes to bulge out of his skull and his face to get fatter

It was all a dream


Your punches have no harm on me

Time of sex

We don’t get to see it

Douglas is making a smoothie while watching the news

That’s a big ass TV

Douglas wants to move to Mars… The planet not the chocolate bar… Maybe Mars Planets

Vilos holds a press conference on the news

Lori wants them to visit Saturn

Douglas isn’t paying any attention to her


“I want to do something with my life. I want to be somebody”

“Have a nice day” – Mick Foley called, he wants his catchphrase back

Douglas travels to work

Their train stations have X-Ray machines

Their trains have TVs 

Advert talks about Recall

At work, a construction site

Douglas is drilling away and asks his friend about Recall

After work, he heads to Recall’s offices

Pens that changes your fingernail colour

The receptionist has her eyes on Douglas – His muscles aren’t the biggest things on his body

Douglas meets with Bob McClane

Douglas still wants to go to Mars despite everyone wanting him to go to Saturn

Those statistics aren’t good

Take a vacation from yourself? What the hell does that mean

He wants to go to Mars as a Secret Agent

Bob just explained most of the plot of the film in 10 seconds

Recall now does two headed aliens

Tis but a scratch

Why does this place remind me of a dentist

Time to find the woman of Douglas’s dreams

Douglas gets a glimpse of Melina on the TV before falling asleep

Am I now watching Pumping Iron?

Bob gets a urgent call

Doulgas has gone insane

You wouldn’t like Douglas when he’s angry

Five shots to the knee later and he’s back asleep

“Someone has erased his memory”

We never heard of him

Douglas re-awakes in the back of a taxi

That robot taxi driver looks a little too human when he turned around

Douglas’s friend holds a gun at him 

Karate chop to the head kills him

Follow that up with two neck breaks and two gun shots before running away

Back at home, Lori is practising her tennis swing

Douglas tells Lori about the men he killed

He then shows her the blood on his hands

Lori calls Richter

Douglas exits the bathroom and is met with gunshots from Lori

Two hits in the dick in 5 seconds

Is this foreplay

Lori claims her marriage and time with Douglas was implanted

He just punched a woman!!!

Also that’s twice Lori’s nearly got her tits out – Sharon Stone would then reveal something else two years later in Basic Instinct

Richter and his men arrive looking for Douglas

Richter then makes out with Lori


X-Ray time

Douglas jumps through the X-Ray screen – It looked almost 3D like (Jumping through the TV Screen)

Well that stranger is dead

Douglas dives through a subway window to escape

Douglas then see another advert

Richter gets a call from Vilos

Vilos tells him to bring him alive before they fake losing him

Douglas arrives at Hotel Ritz

That hotel room looks like a dump

Douglas gets a call telling him to wrap a towel around his head so he can’t be traced

The caller has a suitcase for him

Douglas kills a taxi robot and drives away in the taxi

To say it’s the future, all the cars look like DeLorean DMC-12s

Douglas arrives at an abandoned warehouse and opens the suitcase

Inside is money, ID Cards, a hologram maker and other things that he gave The Caller on Mars

Douglas then watches a video of himself as a secret agent named Hauser

Richter arrives at the explodes taxi and they look for him

Hauser tells Douglas to shove a gun up his nose to remove the bug in his head

Did they put the charity red nose in his head?

Douglas hides the bug in a bun and gives it to the rats

This tricks Dr Edgemar and his men

“Get your ass to Mars”

Blood appears on Hauser after being shot and the screen turns red

On Mars

A Woman arrives at immigration

Mr Edgemar arrives on Mars

“Kuato Lives”

The woman freaks out

Richter thinks it’s Douglas

It is Douglas!!

He throws the woman’s head at Richter 


This creates a hole in the wall and sucks people outside killing them

Douglas somehow holds on before a member of security switches the emergency shutters on

Douglas escapes before the shutter shuts

The cliff from earlier is a mine

Richter meets with Vilos in his office

Vilos blames Dr Edgemar for all the problems


Douglas arrives at Hilton

They have Hilton’s on Mars??? – Book me a flight (Not through Recall)

They have something for him in the safe

A note on the back of a flyer


The rebels are attacking!

Time to escape in my six wheel taxi

They arrive at Last Resort

The Taxi Driver tells him about other clubs before receiving his fare


Douglas asks for Melina

Does that guy have a woman’s… you know what… on his face

Melina takes him to her room then shouts at him for not calling 


Douglas says he doesn’t remember anything as Hauser

Melina gets mad when he mentioned Lori

Melina doesn’t believe anything he’s saying

Douglas leaves 

All The taxi driver wants to do is sell women to Douglas

Time for another Vilos news alert

Is that Dr Edgemar? Aparantly so!

Dr Edgemar tells him that he is at Recall and this is all a dream

Dr Edgemar tells him about the selections he made

Lori arrives at Douglas’s room

How close was that close-up of Lori? – Not complaining

Dr Edgemar tells Douglas to take the red pill – Is this the Matrix?


One drop of sweat on Dr Edgemar and Douglas kills him

Goons then jump through the wall and attack Douglas

Lori then kicks Douglas before calling Richter

Lori is a whore!

Waiting for the elevator

IT’S MELINA with a machine gun

FIGHT!!! – It’s Melina vs Lori in a CATFIGHT!


Douglas then aims a gun at Lori who then shoots her

“Consider it the divorce”

“That was your wife? What a bitch!”

Richter arrives to find Lori dead


Oh, if he shoots and misses, the dome will break

Time to escape with THE TAXI DRIVER

Taxi chase

You just have a spare gun with you

They crash and run through Last Resort

Tony helps them escape and everything returns to normal

Richter just shot the three boobed woman

He then threatens a midget stripper

A fight breaks out

This midget is a badass

Vilos calls Richter and tells him to pull out

The Taxi Driver is called Benny

The three run down a long mine shaft

The fan just stopped

Back with Douglas, Melina & Benny

Benny thinks he has found his Grandpa in the mine shaft


People then arrive and take them away

Benny then reveals that he is a mutant

Tony is on the phone and tells them that they are running out of air

Kuato is on the way

Kuato is a mutant!

George opens his stomach to reveal Kuato


“Open your mind”

That is fucking freaky

Am I inside Douglas’s head?

His head is a mine 

I’m confuse now

Richter is in his head with Vilos

A meltdown – I’m having one

Back in the real world, they’ve been found

Them walls look like styrophome

Run Benny Run

Benny just shot George

Benny is working for Richter all along

Kuato tells him to start the reactor before being shot by Richter

In Vilos office

Vilos calls Douglas a hero – Douglas replies with “Fuck You”

Vilos says Hauser volunteered to be Douglas

Vilos says it was a set up from the moment he went to Recall

“That’s the best mindfuck yet”

Hauser appears on TV and breaks the news to Douglas

Hauser says he wants his body back

Hauser was working with Vilos all along

They then take Douglas to the chair

They even put Melina in one

Vilos says he will be Hauser

Melina spits at Vilos 

Richter then punches Douglas before being zapped

Is this was it feels like to be in the electric chair

Douglas breaks free!

Well he’s dead

Melina is then saved

They escape into a elevator

Back with Vilos and Richter

Richter tells him to make a decision about killing Douglas


Back at Last Resort

Everyone is dying as they shut off the air supply

Douglas is heading for the reactor

They’re trapped by Benny driving a drill machine

Douglas shoves a drill in the fuel pipe before they get crushed

“Screw you”

Benny is dead

You can tell what scenes are filmed in front of a blue screen

Douglas and Melina find the reactor

Back with Richter whos on the hunt with more of his men

Dougls still has his hologram maker?!?

Richter and his men shoot Douglas – Or so they think?

Douglas laughs at them 

Douglas then just kills men left and right

“You think this is the real Quaid? It is!”

Melina uses Douglas hologram maker to trick two guards

Douglas finds Richter on a elevator

FIGHT! It’s Douglas vs Richter in a elevator match

Richter gets his arms chopped off then falls off the elevator to his death

Douglas rides the elevator to the reactor

Vilos is there

“I’ll be home in time for Corn Flakes”

Melina arrives and shoots Vilos

Douglas throws Vilos’s bomb away causing a hole in the air vent sucking in everything and everyone

Douglas unhooks Vios sucking him into the atmosphere 

This causes his eyes to bulge out and his face to expand

Douglas then trippers the reactor

Douglas is then sucked out followed by Melina

Both Douglas and Melina start gasping for air

Meanwhile giant tubes hit the mine causing everything to rumble and shake


The eruption breaks the dome sealing everyone inside it

The eruption causes air for everyone to breath

As the smoke settles, everyone is alive

Mars has gone from red to blue

Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightning

Everyone inside the dome exits to walk outside

Douglas has a thought that everything is a dream




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