Seeing “Reservoir Dogs” #MovieReview

Film number 12 on the list of 1001 to watch and the second one I’ve seen before. 1992’s Reservoir Dogs! Quentin Tarantino’s third film. The first was Love Birds in Bondage which was never finished and 1987’s My Best Friend’s Birthday. And of course he’d later go on to make Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill & Django Unchained (all on the list). But enough ass-kissing. First time I saw this, I was far too young and only really watched to for the soundtrack (which you can hear here -> Now that I’m nearly 21 and actually had a chance to properly watch this film, I rather enjoyed it very much. Memorable scenes and very quotable. Who can forget the “Stuck in the Middle with You” while Mr Blonde carves off a policeman’s ear. Glad I got to watch it again. And really helped Tarantino launch to the success he’s had over the years. Here is what I had to say while watching 1992’s Reservoir Dogs




Film – Reservoir Dogs
Year – 1992
Director – Quentin Tarantino
Staring – Harvey Keitel, Steve Buscemi, Michael Madsen
IMDb Rating – 8.4/10
My Rating – 8.5/10
Film starts about a conversation with the gang talking about Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”
They think it’s about a big dick
Mr Brown says it’s about a fuck machine
Shout to K-Billy’s Super Sounds of the 70’s
Mr White steals Joe’s book full of names
Mr Pink doesn’t believe in tipping
“Too Fucking Busy shouldn’t be in a waitress’s vocabulary”
Mr Pink then plays the worlds smallest violin for the waitress
Waitressing is the #1 job for college graduates in 1992 – Wonder what it is now?
Joe convinces Mr Pink to tip since he paid for breakfast
The radio DJ sounds boring – LIKE ME!!!
Slow motion walking makes us look cooler
We hear screams of pain in the background 
We then see Mr Orange covered in blood in the backseat of a car
Mr White is driving
Mr Orange thinks he’s gonna die
“Are you a doctor?”
Mr Blonde convinces him he’s gonna be OK
At the safehouse
Mr White carries Mr Orange into the safehouse and places him on a ramp where he remains for the rest of the safehouse scenes
Mr White unbuckles Mr Orange’s belt – What type of film am I watching?
Mr White whispers something to Orange that makes him laugh
He then combs Orange’s hair
“I’m hurt, and I’m hurt bad, Larry”
Mr Orange says to drop him outside the hospital doors
Mr White refuses
“You’re not gonna fucking die!”
The kneecap is the worst place to get shot, Second is the stomach – Thought the head was the worst
Mr Pink arrives and sees what’s happended to Orange
Mr White tells us Mr Brown was shot dead by the police
Mr Pink thinks the whole thing was a set up
Mr White & Mr Pink have a conversation in the restrooms
Slow down Mr Pink
“Are you cool?”
Chesterfield cigarettes!! First seen in 1959’s Goldfinger
Blonde tells Pink about what happened at the robbery
They pit the blame on Mr Blonde
Flashback to Mr Pink running away from police
Mr Pink gets run over my a car and then steals the car
He shoots a police officer before driving away
How can he see through that windscreen
Back at the safehouse
Both White and Pink agree Mr Blonde is a mad man
Mr Pink says he has the diamonds
No one knows where Mr Blonde or Mr Blue are
We know that Mr Brown is dead and Mr Orange is bleeding on the ramp in the other room
Who’s the rat?
Mr Pink accusses everyone of being a rat
Mr Pink calls toilets “commotes” and poos “squirts”
Flashback to Mr White and Joe at Joe’s house
They chat about the robbery
Back at the safehouse
Mr Pink says he is might hide in a motel for a while
Mr White blames Mr Orange getting shot as his fault
Mr White suggests that Joe will get them a doctor
Mr White tells Mr Pink what Mr Orange told him about earlier about a doctor
Mr Orange is in Sleepyville
Mr White and Mr Pink then argue White telling Mr Orange his details
Mr White then kicks Pink
They then draw guns at each other
They are then interrupted by the arrival of Mr Blonde
He’s stood there with a drink and Ray Von sunglasses
“You better start talking, asshole…”
Mr Blonde tells them they ain’t going anywhere
“Piss on this fucking turd”
Mr White then shouts at Mr Blonde for the shooting spree at the robbery
“Are you bark all day, little doggie? Or are you gonna bite?”
Mr Pink gets between Blonde and White before they fight
Mr Pink calls the two of them “N*ggas”
Mr Blonde asks if anyone is a Lee Marvin fan
They all are!
Mr Blonde has a suprise in the trunk of his car
Mr Blonde says they’re gonna wait for Nice Guy Eddie
The suprise in the trunk is a police officer
Flashback to how Joe and Mr Blonde met
Mr Blonde calls his parole officer an asshole
Mr Blonde has apparently got out of jail after serving time
Nice Guy Eddie arrives and hugs Mr Blonde
Mr Blonde tells Nice Guy Eddie what he told Joe
They tackle each other to the floor before laughing it off
Eddie says Mr Blonde tried to fuck him
Eddie then accuses Blonde of having “too much black semen shoved up his ass”
Eddie tells Blonde that they can get him a job at the docks getting paid without even working
Joe then tells Blonde about the robbery
Back with K-Billy
Can anyone say “Behemoth” right
Eddie is on the phone to Dov
White, Blonde & Pink take the cop in the safehouse and torture him
They start by hanging him by his handcuffs and punching him
They then unhang him and tape him to a chair
Eddie arrives at the safehouse
Eddie accuses Pink of being the rat
They then argue 
Eddie says Joe is pissed about what happened
Pink tells Eddie the Mr Brown is dead
No one knows about Mr Blue
New drinking game – take a shot everytime someone swears
Eddie tells Mr Blonde to stay with the police officer and Mr Orange
He then tolds White and Pink to take the cars outside to somewhere else
Why is there a hearse in the safehouse wrapped in plastic?
While there away… Mr Blonde shall play
Mr Blonde starts interrogating the police officer
Mr Blonde doesn’t care what the police officer has to say
He just wants to torture him for his own enjoyment
He tapes his mouth shut then aims his gun at him
Blonde laughs then puts the gun down
He then whips out a knife out of his boot
Old school radio tuning!
Excuse me while I sing the song
All I need is for Chris Kamara to sing this at a karaoke bar right now
Mr Blonde then cuts off the police officers ear 
We don’t see this as the camera films the wall
He just talked into the cut off ear
Mr Blonde leaves to his car to get a gasoline can out the trunk
Very clever what they did with the music when he went to his car
Blonde throws the gasoline over the police officer
Mr Orange kills Mr Blonde before he could burn him
Also, how is Mr Orange alive after the amount of blood loss?
Mr Orange askes the officer his name
His name is Marvin Nash
Mr Orange tells Marvin that he’s a cop
Mr Orange tells Marvin that the cops are on the way
The cops have been told not to do anything until Joe shows up
We get another flashback to Mr Orange at a restraunt
Orange tells his friend about Joe and Mr White
Orange’s friend thinks Mr White is a Brewers fan 
He then accuses Brewers fans of being criminals
The commode 
Orange and his friend are on a rooftop with a script
Orange’s friend tells him to follow the details 
We are in Orange’s house 
Orange is reading the script
He then re-enacts the scene to his friend outside a abandoned warehouse
Orange then uses his practise in front of Joe, Eddie and White at the bar
We then see another flashback within a flashback 
Orange is in the restroom and finds four police officers and a German Sheppard
Orange has weed in his bag 
While pissing in one of the urinals, he easedrops on the officers conversation
Handdryer sounds like a jet engine
Back with Orange and his friend at the restraunt
“Motherfucker looks just like The Thing”
We then see Orange getting ready then meeys with everyone
Orange arms himself with guns and pills and a wedding ring before leaving
Orange convinces himself in the mirror not to pussy out of it now
In the car with Pink, White, Orange & Eddie
They talk about black people in relationships
Storytime with Eddie
Ladera Heights – The Black Beverly Hills according to Pink
“You’re under arrest, sugar”
Eddie’s story is quite funny
He glued his penis to his belly?!?!
They arrive at the safehouse where Joe is there 
They hold a meeting about the robbery
Joe gives when their new nicknames
“Why am I Mr Pink? Because you’re a faggot!”
Mr Brown think his name is close to Mr Shit
Mr Pink wants to be Mr Purple
At the jewerlly store with White and Orange
They go over the roles they were given
Post robbery 
Mr Brown crashes into a car blood pouring out of his head
Mr White & Mr Orange gets out 
White shoots at the cops who were following him
Mr Brown is dead!
They escape down an alley before taking a womans car
The woman shoots Mr Orange 
Mr White puts him in the back of the car
We then get similar scenes to the one we saw at the beginning – Full circle effect
Back to reality at the safehouse
Marvin is still in the chair
Mr Orange is still bleeding
White, Pink and Eddie see that Blonde is dead
Mr Orange tells him about what Blonde did
Eddie then shoots Marvin
Eddie doesn’t believe Orange’s story
Joe arrives at the safehouse
Joe finds out Orange set them up
Mr Blue is dead!
“You don’t need proof when you have instint”
Eddie, Joe and White all draw guns on each other except Pink
Joe aims at Orange
White aims at Joe
Eddie aims at White
They all shoot each other
Eddie and Joe are dead
Mr White is in pain
Mr Pink escapes with the diamonds
Mr Orange is still alive!!!
Outside we hear Mr Pink having car problems then he escapes
Mr Orange tells White that he is a cop
This makes Mr White cry
Mr White then holds a gun 
The police burst through the door then kill Mr White

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