Seeing “Akira” for the First Time #MovieReview

Just finished film 11 of 1001 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die”. I was told before I watched it that it was a mindfuck. They weren’t lying! My head is hurting and spinning. Hope I don’t turn into Tetsuo. Even though I got confused in parts, I rather enjoyed it. The colours and city shots were really eye catchy. They still hold up 26 years after it’s release. Here is what I had to say while watching 1988’s “Akira”


Film – Akira
Year – 1988
Director – Katsuhiro Otomo
Staring – Nozumu Sasaki, Mami Koyama, Mitsuo Iwata
IMDb Rating – 8.1/10
My Rating – 7.9/10
Before anyone asks, I am watching the english dubbed version on YouTube – Trusty YouTube
A giant explosion destroys an entire city
“31 after World War 3” – Jupiter Falls were right about WW3 happening
Shotaro walks into a bar
He says beer is dog piss
Shout out to the BMW & Canon stickers on his bike
His bike reminds me of Tron
Very vibrant colours and scenery
He just blew up that man’s Porshe 911
One biker flies through a restraunt window
How have the police not been informed about this
They’re about to crash but miss at the last moment
They are Tron bikes
A injured man and his kid walk down the street trying to avoid the dogs chasing them
Protest takes place
A police light shows them before he shoots at the light
The dad is dead but the kid is OK
That kid just broke all the glass on that skyscraper
Kay watches the devistation take place and then realise the kid has disappeared
The bike race is still on
A bomb in the tunnel doesn’t stop them
The protestors flip over a riot van
These police aren’t protecting or serving
He just crashed into a sign
Tetsuo crashed into the kid causing the bike to explode
The kid is alright
Police arrive at the scene 
A man in a floating chair arrives to take the kid
Shotaro and his friends get put in handcuffs
Why is this kid grey
Tetsuo gets dragged onto the police helicopter
At the police station
Shotaro says they were trying to visit their mother
Shotaro spots someone he recognizes
His bomb doesn’t go off
“Don’t call me old. I’m 25”
Shotaro tries to ask Kay out for a date
He almost gets ran over by a train while trying to get her name 
She doesn’t tell us
Shikishima receives a call
Tetsuo gets placed into a scanner
You get special patterns in scanners
The kid is named No. 26 (Takashi) – I have Wikipedia up just to help me spell the names correctly
Doctor Onishi chats to Shikishima 
They think Tetsuo is a God
This school is a dump
“DISIPLINE!!” – By slapping them
Clingy girls
One of the kids has blood pouring out of his mouth
In the hospital
Tetsuo has disappeared from hospital
Tetsuo finds Kaori leaving a drycleaners
He tells her about what happened
Shotaro’s bike gets stolen by Tetsuo
The evil bike gang go after them
They clothesline Kaori then hit Tetsuo
They then rip Kaori’s top off to reveal boobs then punch her in the face knocking her out
They then light up a wooden tube threatening to burn Shotaro’s bike
Shotaro kicks a biker off his bike
Kaori wakes up to see Tetsuo beat up a biker
Tetsuo doesn’t want to be saved anymore
His head start hurting as he hears “Akira” constantly
We then get a shot of the road collapsing to then see Tetsuo’s chest rip open and his organs fall out
Turns out that it’s an illusion
Doctor Onishi sends doctors to take Tetsuo back to them
Shikishima appears for a second before disappearing
Shotaro and his friends get rejected by the girls because they don’t have their bikes
A giant explosion in a shopping mall starts a shoot up
Shotaro spots Kay
The police are after her 
Shotaro arrives and saves her
She shoots a policeman in the eye
Tetsuo is back in the scanner
His mind is thinking of himself as a kid watching a city collapse around him
He then watches himself break into pieces
Back in reality
Shikishima arrives at a Kiyoko’s bed
She tells him about what she saw in her dream
She mentions Akira before passing out
Shikishima arrives at a underground mine
Shikishima wants to save the city
In the mine, he demands a door be open
Behind the door is Akira
Shotaro tells Kay to turn herself in for shooting the policeman
They lock him in a room
These men take about Tetsuo
Shotaro overhears the conversation
He tells him about being Tetsuo’s friend
We’re then shown protestors talking about Akira
They paint Akira in paint on the floor
At the round table King Arthur from Monty Python and The Holy Grail couldn’t find
I’ve seen this scene… in Botchamania
They say Akira is responsible of World War 3
Shikishima gets annoyed about what he hears
I’ve finally found out that this is in Tokyo
Shikishima leaves angrily
Back with Tetsuo at the hospital
He had jedi mind powers
And he also has a teddy bear
He has a lot of child’s toys
Kay and her friends arrive in orange suits to find Akira
The teddy bear and the other toys are alive!
Is this a deleted scene from Trainspotting?
More illusions
That hospital is made of Lego – Cue Ed Sheeran
Tetsuo steps on broken glass then pulls the glass out of his feet 
The illusions disapear after seeing blood 
Barefoot broken glass match – Coming soon to Combat Zone Wrestling Tournament of Death 
Tetsuo is outside his room and kills a doctor and two guards with his mind
Back with Kay and her friends
They are shot at by police
Kay escapes while everyone else tries shooting one of them riding a jetski
I only just found out Shotaro is with them – not explained well
Shotaro & Kay take the jetski and turn it into a hovercraft
They hear over the radio about Tetsuo
Police shoot smoke at Tetsuo to stop him
Tetsuo knocks them over with his mind
Police are about to shoot before Tetsuo knocks out the power and kills them all
He destroys the dolls to reveal the kids inside of them
Back with Shotaro & Kay
Kay then turns into a satnav
Tetsuo finds the kids who have been messing with him
He finds out that one of the kids is the one he nearly killed at the beginning of the film
Shikishima arrives along with Doctor Onishi
The kids tell him about Tetsuo should use his powers
They say about Akira
I’m confused with the plot now
Shotaro & Kay arrive at the hospital
Tetsuo stands tall
Shotaro & Kay find Tetsuo
Tetsuo has gone mad with power
Kiyoto tells Tetsuo he’s gone too far
Tetsuo then flies out of the building
Shikishima is told by the kids that Tetsuo has escaped for find Akira
Shikishima managed to change his clothes between scenes
He his told about the councils decision to strip him of Colonel and be arrested
“You’re all controlled by corrupt capitalists” – This somehow rings true in countries today
Back at the bar with Tetsuo
He wants capsuls
The other friends then arrive at the bar to find it has been destroyed and the barman is dead
They then find Tetsuo
“You look like a crackhead”
All Tetsuo wants is Shotaro’s bike
“It’s a piece of shit anyway”
Evil dramatic music is dramatic and evil
Shotaro & Kay are in a prison and talk about Akira
“Akira is ultimate energy”
I think I’m getting a science lesson
Shotaro finds out that Tetsuo is so powerful he could set Akira off
The prison cell door unlocks itself
The kids say that Kay is her only hope
Army and police are looking all over Tokyo for Tetsuo
Shotaro then finds Kai (I finally found out his name)
Kai tells him Yamagata is dead and that Tetsuo wants his bike
He then takes Yamagata’s bike and destroys it
Kay and one of the kids walk on the river and disappear
Kiyoto’s voice tells Shotaro about Akira’s powers
They say their to blame for Tetsuo being over powerful
Shotaro says he’s should be the one to stop Tetsuo
Typical – You put everything in the suitcase but it doesn’t fit
The old man shoots his colleage
Terrible helicopter pilot crashes into a building
The pilot is Tetsuo
Red robe makes me evil!!
A tank shoots at Tetsuo who stops the bullet hitting him
The citizens thinks Tetsuo is Akira
Tetsuo causes the tank to explode
The old man is seen carrying his suitcase while trying to escape
He drops it then clutches at his chest
He foams at the mouth and dies in a alleyway
His old work colleage walks past him and sees protestors
Kaori watches the news in the street and sees Tetsuo 
Shotaro finds his bike and says he’ll deliver the bike to Tetsuo
This isn’t going to end well
Crazy man is crazy
The police shoot at the protestors that are following Tetsuo
Tetsuo causes the bridge their on to collapse
Shikishima overhears the news
Tetsuo arrives at the army base
Doctor Onishi spots something in the pattern he was talking about earlier
Tetsuo arrives in the mine were Akira is 
He is holding is head clearly in pain
Kay appears on top of Akira
She tells him not to continue 
She then causes several pipes to attack Tetsuo
Shotaro arrives at the bridge that collapsed
Shikishima arrives at the mine
Akira has been unearthed by Tetsuo
FIGHT!!! It’s a mind control battle between Tetsuo & Kay – Anything goes
Akira has exploded
Kay is seen laid in the hole where Akira was
Tetsuo is fine
He opens Akira to find the remains of Akira
Shikishima tells Tetsuo about what is left of Akira
Tetsuo laughs at this
Kai is seen on his bike trying to get through the crowd
Shotaro finds Tetsuo at Akira
Tetsuo says Shotaro has done nothing but treat him like a kid
Shotaro manages to shoot Tetsuo while in the air from Tetsuo’s mind control
Shotaro then finds Kay
Shot through the chest 
A light then appears over Tetsuo and explodes
Kay revives 
Kai then arrives
Tetsuo has lost his arm in the explosion
The light is coming from space
Tetsuo then flies into space chasing the light
Tetsuo lands on the light space and tekes control of it
It then explodes
Shikishima then appears to see the space station come crashing down
Tetsuo rebuilds his arm
He’s reached his peak
Shikishima asks Onishi about Tetsuo
He then sees the pattern
Kai uses a car battery and it catches on fire
Kaori is in a empty stadium and finds Tetsuo
Shikishima then arrives
Tetsuo’s robot arm then takes over a chair
Shikishima wants the medicine
Doctor Onishi says his powers are wearing off
Shikishima shoots Tetsuo before he can get to Kaori
Tetsuo now has a alien like arm 
Shotaro arrives on his bike and shoots at the arm
It’s those fucking kids
Akira has apparently taken over Tetsuo’s body
That is one ugly bastard
That’s gonna give me nightmares
Tetsuo grabs Kaori then takes Shotaro
The kids are then seen on their knees at the Akira jars
Kaori is suffocated in Tetsuo’s body
Shotaro is then freed after Tetsuo gets shot
Doctor Onishi is looking at the pattern
Tetsuo then grabs the kids and Shikishima
The Akira jars explode
This causes the real Akira to arrive
Doctor Onishi says this is impossible
Shikishima is transported to a tunnel safe from eveything
Tetsuo is then sucked into a light
Tetsuo grabs Shotaro and takes him 
One of the kids goes with them
The other two kids agree to enter the light
Kay and Kai are with Shikishima
We are then shown memories of Shotaro and Tetsuo on bikes
Then more flashbacks
Shotaro thinks he’s just seen Tetsuo’s dreams and memories
Now I have no clue what’s going on
This really is a mind fuck
Have we found Akira?
The kids then refere to Kay
Shotaro finally finds another Tetsuo memory of the two of them first meeting each other
Shotaro is then found on the floor outside the light 
“This is the birth of the universe” – The big bang took place after World War 3… in 2019
Tokyo is then destroyed 
Builing collapse
Roads cave in
Lots of smoke and fog – Sadly no mirrors
Kay finds Shotaro back in the stadium
Tetsuo has turned into the ball of light 
Kai thinks Shotaro is dead after seeing his bike destroyed
So is Tetsuo dead?
Another beam of light
Shikishima appears to see the destruction
Now for a light show
“I am Tetsuo”


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