Seeing “The Breakfast Club” for the first time #MovieReview

Don’t you, forget about me! Damn song’s stuck in my head! Anyway, just finished watching film number 8 of the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” list which was 1985’s “The Breakfast Club” and was very good. I found myself relating to the characters towards the end when they opened up to each other. Every enjoyable, highly recommend. Here is what I had to say while watching it

Film – The Breakfast Club
Year – 1985
Director – John Hughes
Staring – Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald
IMDb Rating – 7.9/10
My Rating – 7.9/10


All I know about this before I hit play is that it’s filmed in one location (school) and that Simple Minds song
Been a while since I heard this song
David Bowie Quote
Glass shatters – Is Stone Cold Steve Austin here?
Why do they have detention on a Saturday?
Get him told little kid
She doesn’t get a conversation with her parents
Bender look homeless
Squeeky shoes!!
He just caught his own spit!!
Not only are they in on a Saturday but at 7AM
“Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?”
That has to be the loudest fingernail biting ever
Bender is a creepy bastard
What the hell is a “Hot Beef Injection?” – I don’t wanna know
The principal just called them pricks!
“I’m in Maths Club” – You have no life
Brian is a boring person
Only just realised that Bender has a bandana around one of his boot
Vernon is a asshole
Eat my shorts would later be used by Bart Simpson
Bender just got himself another two months of detention
When bored in detention, just light your boot on fire and use it to light a cigarette
Or just fall asleep
“You are a parent’s wet dream!”
Honesty is the best policy
Claire is a fat girl’s name?
Didn’t expect a Billy Idol impression
Bender casually talks about sex
Andrew and Bender clearly don’t like each over
Bender has a knife on him… just because
Does Andrew have a thing for Claire?
Everyone then whistles the “Colonel Bogey March”
Allison’s drink of choice is Vodka – TONS OF VODKA
Andrews in detention so he can be back on the sports team
laire wishes she was on a flight to Paris
Brian talks about his first crush from Niagara Falls
Brian then admits he’s a virgin
Claire thinks it’s ok
Allison somehow has a copy of a Prince vinyl
Claire somehow has Sushi!
Did Andrew bring a packed lunch?
Hope then tables are clean
Allison is a weird, crazy you-know-what!
Sugar and crisps sandwich FTW!!
“Did your Mom marry Mr Rogers? No Mr Johnson”
Is it wrong that I want to hang out with Bender
Bender makes fun of Brian’s family then makes fun of his own
Clearly Bender had a problem with his parents
Bender then shows his cigar burn that he got when he spilt paint as a kid
Well that’s one way of going upstairs
Meanwhile with Vernon, he’s only gone and spilt coffee on his lunch
Everyone sneeks out to go to Bender’s locker
Bender has a guilotine in his locker
Bender gets marijuana from his locker
Allison then steals Bender’s locker lock
Bender runs away wanting get caught
Vernons out of shape
Bender somehow has odd shoes on for a basketball game
Vernon just threatened Bender!
Vernon then challenges Bender to punch him in the chin
Vernon then calls him a “Gutless Turd”
Bender then escapes through the roof
Bender falls through the roof and lands in the library
Bender then gets an accidental look up Claire’s skirt
Let’s all go to the back of the library
Claire, Brian & Bender all smoke Bender’s marijuana
Brian then imitates a blues singer
Claire claims shes the popular
Andrew found his own stash and starts dancing around while stripping
His voice just broke a window
Allison somehow knows everything about Brian
She knows all about him from his wallet she stome
Bender has a booklet full of girls
Why do women have so much crap in their bags
Allison empties her bag and it has clothes, tampons and other crap
Allison says she wants to run away because her home life is unsatisfying
Also, I think Allison is a control freak
Andrew somehow manages to carm her down
Allison then opens up when she says her parents ignore her
Andrew somehow relates to his
Back with Vernon & Carl
Carl wanted to be John Lennon
Vernon claims that everyone thinks he’s a joke
Question of the film – What would you do for a million dollars?
Would you drive to school naked?
Allison says she’ll do anything sexual
Allison says shes a nymphonamic (had to turn on subtitles and pause the film just to spell that correctly)
“All girls are teases” – Amen to that
Claire shouts that she’s a virgin
Allison admits everything she’s says is a lie
Andrew says he taped Larry’s ass cheeks together to get in detention
Larry has a hairy ass!!
Andrew talks about what lead to him doing what he did – he wanted to impress his Dad
Andrew felt sorry for what he did to Larry after doing what he did
The music adds very well to the story
Andrew’s dad told him never to be a loser
Andrew wishes his knee had given out so he’d never had to wrestle again
Brian then opens up
Brian says he doesn’t like himself because he’s failing shop
What the hell is shop?
“Everybody can do something!”
Claire shows us what she’s good at – putting on lipstick using her boobs
Bender says he got a packet of cigarettes for Christmas
Everyone says they don’t want to end up like their parents
“When you grow up, your heart dies!”
Brian considers everyone there to be his friend
Claire doesn’t think it can’t happen
Well there does that friendship
Brian claims he and Allison are the normal ones of the bunch
Brian says he’s in detention because he had a gun in his locker to shoot himself for giving him an F
It was a flare gun!
Allison says she’s in detention because she has nothing better to do
Bender then teleports into the roof
Claire convinces Brian to write his paper then add everyone’s names to it as they would all have the same reason
Claire then takes Allison for a make-up lesson
Bender return to where he was earlier with Vernon
Claire walks in
HOLY SHIT Allison’s changed!
Also, where did she get the spare clothes?
Bender and Claire are now all lovey over each over
Andrew then compliments Allison’s new looks
Andrew & Allison kiss
Claire gives Bender one of her earrings before kissing
He then puts it in his own ear
Brian’s letter is read as a monolauge
Freeze frame of Bender with his fist in the air


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