Seeing “Monty Python and The Holy Grail” #MovieReview

This is the first film on the list that I’ve actually seen before! Nothing like a British comedy film to end the day with. And what better than 1975’s “Monty Python and The Holy Grail.” Very funny and very quotable as you are about to find out from my review. Watch it and enjoy it. 

NEW SEGMENT!!! Here is what the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” book has to say about “Monty Python and The Holy Grail”   –  “It all started with a TV show called Monty Python’s Flying Circus, featuring the verbal and visual antics of a comedy team comprising five British wits – John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Graham Chapman – and an American named Terry Gilliam, whose cutout animations stitched the program’s flyaway episodes together. Produced by the British Broadcasting  Corporation, which seemed a tad surprised by the anarchic nature of the capers it had unleashed, the show ran more or less continuously from 1969 to 1974. A shot at wide screen success seemed an obvious next step, especially because the compilation film And Now for Something Completely Different had been well received in 1971. These things combined led to the 1975 production of Monty Python and The Holy Grail, written by the whole Python crew and co-directed by Gilliam and Jones. The process of making the movie has aspects as darkly comical as a typical Python sketch. For one thing, the two directors didn’t make a compatible duo; they had different visions of the movie’s style, and Gilliam resented Jones’s tendency to reduce the grandeur of his set designs with cramped camera setups. For another, Chapman’s alcoholism was in full flower, sometimes rendering the star of the production – in the key role of King Arthur – unable to enunciate his lines while the camera rolled. But hey, you can’t keep a good Python down. The troupe triumphed over these problems as readily as they overcame the production’s dauntingly low funding. Like much of Monty Python’s best work, Holy Grail is a keen-minded parody with a political edge, debunking a foundational myth of Western power while playing Brechtian havoc with traditionalist ideas ranging from benevolent despotism to chivalric masculinity. And oh yes – it’s a laugh riot, too.”


Film – Monty Python and The Holy Grail
Year – 1975
Director – Terry Gilliam & Terry Jones
Staring – Grahan Chapman, John Cleese, Eric Idle
IMDb Rating – 8.4/10
My Rating – 8.4/10
First film I’ve actually seen before doing this list
I have a feeling I’ll be quoting a lot of this so apologies in advance
Let’s get on with it!
“Dentist on the Job” – Have I put the right film on?
Looks like the people showing the film made a mistake
OPENING CREDITS… with random subtitles
The subtitles are talking about a moose?
“We apologise for the fault in the subtitles. Those responsible have been sacked”
Lots of people getting sacked
Third times a charm with the credits
It’s Mexican themed
“England 932 A.D.”
We open in a very foggy field where we hear a horse in the distance… or so we think
It’s King Arthur with Patsy making the horse noises with coconuts
Arthur has a conversation with a knight stood on top of a castle
Arthur is looking for knights to join his in his court in Camelot
“Where did you get the coconuts? We found them!”
The knight wants to talk about swallows carrying coconuts
Arthur gives in and leaves
“Bring out your dead!”
Lots of dying try and hide
9p for dead bodies!
“I’m not dead!”
I just sang the “Not yet dead” song from Spamalot
The man kills the old man with his hammer
“Who that then? Must be King! He hasn’t got shit on him”
Arthur then travels across the field to find Dennis
Dennis doesn’t like the way he’s been treated by Arthur
Dennis goes on and on
There a what?
“I am your King. I didn’t vote for you”
Arthur became King by finding a sword given to him by a naked women in a swamp?
“Bloody pessant”
Oh no… The Black Knight scene
FIGHT!!! It’s Green Knight vs Black Knight in a sword’s match
The Black Knight wins by throwing his sword into the eye gap in Green Knight’s helmet
“None shall pass!”
FIGHT!!! It’s Black Knight vs King Arthur in a sword’s match!
Arthur chops off Black Knight’s arm
“Tis but a scratch”
“I’ve had worse”
Arthur chops off Black Knight’s other arm
Black Knight starts kicking Arthur which gets one of his legs chopped off
“Just a flesh wound”
Black Knight loses his other leg
“Alright, we’ll call it a draw”
It’s the monks who slam their heads on wood
That villager still has shaving foam on him – They had shaving foam in 932A.D.
The villagers admit they dressed her up as a witch
“She turned me into a nute… I got better”
Witchs burn because their made of wood
Arthur watches on from the side before chiming in
“If she weights the same as a duck… she’s made of wood… therefore… A WITCH”
The scales for this are located in a chicken farm
She is a witch!
Arthur recrutes Sir Bedevere
We are told Arther recruited Galahad, Lancelot, Robin & “Sir Not-Appearing-in-This-Film”
We’ve found Camalot
“It’s only a Model”
“Let’s not go to Camalot, it is a silly place”
God then appears
God gives Arthur and his knights a quest… to find The Holy Grail
Cue angelic music
Cartoon time of trumpet players and the title “The Quest for The Holy Grail”
And on they go on their quest
We arrive at a castle where they stop and are met by The French!!!
The French Knight appears on top of the castle
They’ve already one?
“I’m French! Why do you think I have this outragious accent”
Raspberries are the Frenchs form of attack
“I fart in your general direction”
“You’re mother was a hamster and you’re father smelt of elderberries”
The French launch a cow over the castle wall killing one of the carriers
They then throw animals and food over wall
Arthur and his Knights retreat and regroup
We hear sawing and banging… and a cat
Arthur and his Knights are outside still… shouldn’t they be in the rabbit
The French take the rabbit into their castle
Bedevere then realise that they’ve fucked up
The French then launch the rabbit over the wall which lands on a carrier
A Famous Historian gives us a news flash
He tells us that Arthur and his Knights have split up and went their seperate way
He then gets his head chopped off
“The tale of Sir Robin”
Robin has a band follow him around
Certain Death 1 Mile Away
Robin doesn’t like the way the song was going
It’s the three headed knight
Let Robin speak silly band!
The three headed knights have a arguement
“Brave Sir Robin ran away”
Cartoon time again
“The Tale of Sir Galahad”
Galahad is seen alone in the misty foggy woods
Looks like he’s rather tired
He sees the grail light above a castle
Galahad falls through the castle doors and is greeted by women
Their names are “Midget” and “Crapper”
Thanks for telling us about the size of the beds
Zoot – Just Zoot
Think the women want to do more than heal Galahad
Their schoolgirls aged between 16-19
They have a boring life bathing, dressing, undressing and making underwear
Galahad thinks the doctors aren’t doctors
I would do the same if I was Galahad
Oh no… Lots of women… Mine and Galahad’s only weakness
Zoot has a identical sister named Dingo
Zoot aparently tricked Galahad by lighting the grail light
Dingo thinks this scene should have been cutted
Zoot must be punished… by spanking
Then everyone else wants spanking followed by oral sex
It’s Lancelot!!!
Lancelot clearly doesn’t give a shit about who he wants to kill
150 women all wanted Galahad – Sounds like Heaven
Galahad just called Lancelot “Gay”
It’s Scene 24 which is a smashing scene
The narrator just got killed
Arthur and Bedevere meet with a old man
The old man tells him about where to find the grail
It’s in a cave which no one has never returned from
Arthur and Bedevere then appear in the woods
Oh no!!!
“We are The Knights Who Say Ni”
Saying ‘Ni’ hurts their heads
They want… A SHRUBBERY!
“The Tale of Sir… – Looks like the artist got distracted by a giant bang
We see that the giant bang was the sun and clouds jumping up and down
“The Tale of Sir Lancelot”
“What the curtains?”
We are told a story about all the castles he’s build
Herbert would rather sing than get married
“Not to leave the room even when you come and get him”
These knights are pretty stupid – How did they get hired?
That knight has hiccups! – Go get a cup of water
How clear can he make these instructions
Herbert casually writes a note and shoots it off with a bow and arrow while the guards watch him
Concord is shot!!!
Lancelot reads Herbart’s note
Concord is alright but is advised to stay
Lancelot doesn’t know how to end sentences
We then join Princess Lucky who is getting prepared
We then see the festivites taking place at the wedding
Two guards see Lancelot running in the distance
Is Lancelot running in the same spot?
Lancelot kills one guard then goes on a killing spree
Don’t fuck with Lancelot
He kicked the bride in the chest!
Stupid guards!
Herbart thinks he’s been saved
Those guards were £50 each!!! – Hope he kept the receipt
Lancelot and Herbart’s Dad then become friendly
“He’s killed the best man”
Herbart’s Dad says Lancelot is the special guest
“Let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who”
Herbart’s Dad says Herbart’s dead
He’s more happier that he’s gaining a daughter
That guard just killed the bride’s dad
No he’s not yet dead!! – Once again I’ve referenced Spamalot
How did Concord get there?
That Tarzan Rope swing was a bit crap
Back with Arthur and Bedevere
There looking for a shrubbery
It’s a random traveller who has shrubberries
They give The Knights Who Say Ni the shrubbery
They’ve changed their name
I’m not even try and type their new name
They want another shrubbery
“You must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest… with… A HERRING!!”
They don’t like the word ‘it’
It’s Robin!!
Stop saying it!
Cartoon time
The cartoon tells us that everyone has reunited
It’s been a year already!
Arthur has more knights with him
EXPLOSION – Where’s WheezyWaiter when you need him
It’s Tim the Enchanter
FIRE!!! – I just sang that in the way Black Tide do in “That Fire”
Applaude the fire
Arthur tells Tim about their quest
Tim says he’ll help them find the grail while randoming exploding things
Tim tells them about the cave that the old man from Scene 24 told us about
Tim then says the entrance to the cave is guarded by a vicious creature
We arrive at the cave
Dismount the invisible horses! – Why did I just sing “Crazy Horses”?
It’s the vicious creature
“It is the rabbit”
Robin pissed his armour he got scarred
It’s a bloody massacre!
That rabbit looks like a hand puppet
Tim laughs at them
The Holy Hand Grenade
They have priests with them!?!
I wonder how long it too to make this film considering the Monty Python crew are playing multiple roles
We are told the rules of how to use The Holy Hand Grenade
Arthur can’t count to 3 – He says “1,2,5”
The police in the woods hear the explosion caused by the grenade
We enter the cave
They found writing on the wall
“The Castle of Argh. He must have died carving it.” – Why would he write Argh?
Bedevere spots a creature who eats Brother Maynard
The creature dies when the animator died of a heart attack
The police arrive at the entrance to the cave
Arthur and his Knights arrive at The Bridge of Death
Arthur tells us about how to cross the bridge
Lancelot agrees to go first
“What is your name? What is your quest? What is your favourite colour?”
Robin’s next
Robin gets a different last question which he doesn’t know
Robin is dead
Galahad’s turn
Galahad answers the last question wrong and tries to change his answer before being killed
Too late
Arthur’s turn
Arthur tricks the old man about his question on swallows getting him killed
Intermission – Really?
Ok it lasts about 10 seconds
Where’s Lancelot?
The police has got him
That just leaves Arthur and Bedevere
They walk across a field to find a boat waiting for them which will take them to Castle Argh
It’s The French!!!
They launch a sheep at them
“I’ll wave my private parts at your aunties”
Arthur tries banging the door down but gets poo dumped on him
Arthur and Bedevere leave
How did they get across that river without the boat
It’s the re-enforcements!
The police arrive to stop the charge
They arrest Arthur and Bedevere
One of the policemen tells the film crew to switch the cameras off

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