Seeing “Trainspotting” for the First Time #MovieReview #Trainspotting #Thoughts

Ok… didn’t know what to expect when I found out this was next on my randomly picked film from the 1001 films to see before you die list but I went ahead and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Best film out of the six I’ve seen so far. Very funny, very entertaining and I learned about a few things from this film. I learned that drugs are bad (then again Mr Mackey from South Park told us that) and to choose life. One other thing I want to talk about… the scene where Renton’s in bed after being brought home from the clinic. Is that what happens when you get off drugs? My head’s still spinning! I’m gonna have fun sleeping tonight! Also… I’m gonna have nightmares about that baby! Anyway, here’s what I had to say about 1996’s Trainspotting


Film – Trainspotting

Year – 1996

Director – Danny Boyle

Staring – Ewan McGregor, Ewen Brenmer, Jonny Lee Miller

IMDb Rating – 8.2/10

My Rating – 8.9/10

All I know about this before I hit play is that it’s about Drugs 

Starts with Renton running away with Iggy Pop music in background

Renton’s monolauge talks about choosing life

Renton says he didn’t choose life because he has heroine

What’s better – Goldigger or Dr No?

Spud just kissed a man on the lips – clearly off his head

Heroine is better than cock according to Diane – I wouldn’t know about either so…

Heroine hits the veins pretty quickly

Renton says he wants to stop taking drugs

Step one into giving up – Preperation

8 tins of mushroom soup?

“Heroine makes you constipated”

Only old men and junkies visit Labrokes/William Hill

“The Worst Toilet in Scotland” – They weren’t kidding

Renton takes a shit in this minging toilet

Why would you want to search your shit then stick your entire body down it just to find what ever it is

All that swimming in a toilet to find the drugs you shoved up your ass

Renton and Sick Boy meet in a park and spy on people in a bush – Mainly joggers

George Best, David Bowie & Lou Reed get mentioned for “Having it then losing it”

Then Sick Boy says Charlie Nicholas, David Niven, Malcolm McLaren & Elvis Presley did the same – I’m too young to know the truth

Why does Sick Boy have a sniper rifle?

Renton takes the rifle to shoot a bulldog to make it bite it’s owner

Spud’s off for a job interview! – Reminds me of everyone you see outside Job Centre

Spud takes speed before the interview

Spud reminds of every drunkard in you local who won’t shut up

Speaking of pubs… we’re in one!

We hear from Begbie

Trying to figure out what has more swearing – this or Clerks – I’m gonna say this as they’ve said

Tommy is apparently clean and has a collection of VHS

Lucky pool/snooker shot

Begbie attacks a man for putting him of winning the game

“Begbie doesn’t do drugs, he does people”



100 Great Goals is a porno staring Tommy

Now we’re in a nightclub


Subtitles dispite me easily hearing what they had to say

We’re hearing two people tell the same story – Who’s telling the truth?

Women – “What are you talking about?”

Men – “Football! Yous?”

Women – “Shopping!”

Liking a mixture of monolauges and live action speaking

I think there now playing “Atomic” by Blondie

Also, if this is what it’s like in nightclubs no wonder I don’t go to them

Renton’s in love – excuse me while I go puke

Diane knows everything about Renton

This is how “Fake Taxi” porn started

Is this what nightlife is like? – I’ll pretend I’m twice my age

Time for sex!!! Lots of it!


Spud is out like a light but wakes up when he hears the word sex

Tommy’s misses wants to watch their porno while having sex

Spud has a… spud!!!


Renton just compared his sex with Diane with a goal Holland scored in 1978

Who rides a bike indoors?

Spud has shit the bed!!!

Tommy and his misses are outside the video rental shop

Spud gets turned off my beans, sausage and eggs


Renton finds out Diane is a schoolgirl! – Underage sex!!!

Renton, Sick Boy, Spud and Tommy arrive in the countryside and are “off for a walk”



This was Tommy’s idea to go for a walk?

Everyone’s back on the heroine

Why would you let the baby near the drugs?

Sick Boy has a thing for James Bond films

Tommy’s been dumped 😦

All because of the video tape

Sick Boy says Pussy Galore isn’t attractive

Did Tommy say he wants to shag Renton?

Sick Boy reminds me of someone… can’t think who

Renton and Spud casually steal a TV from a old persons home

“The First Day of the Edinburgh Festival”


Allison’s screaming – Is this what happens when it wears off

Oh… the baby’s dead!

Renton gives up drugs again after the baby’s death

It was Sick Boy’s baby!!!

Flashback to the earlier chase scene

Is this normal life in Edinburgh?

Spud and Renton are in court

Spud gets six months in prison

Renton gets to go to rehab

Begbie says Renton wouldn’t last two days in prison

Renton wanted to go in prison… not Spud

Nice transition from jumping off the wall to landing in the flat

Just cringed when seeing the needle go in Renton’s veins


Ambulance for Renton… OK Maybe not

Swanney leaves Renton in the middle of the road before throwing him in a taxi

Taxi’s are the new ambulances

That stretcher shot reminds me of Avenged Sevenfold’s “Nightmare” music video… minus the screaming/scary images

Wakey wakey

Carry me Dad!

This can’t be good

Diane!!! Where did you come from?

Only just noticed that Renton’s bedroom wallpaper has trains


So this is what it’s like after drugs

Begbie!!! Where did you come from?

The baby???

How did it get on the roof?


Sick Boy!!! 

“Just say no”

My heads on the spin and I;m not on drugs

Spud… in chains and in prison gear!!! How did he get in?




What the hell just happened?

Bingo cures a drug overdose?

“I’m negative. It’s official” – I’m negative as well

Plague is written over Tommy’s front door

Tommy’s flat looks a lot different from when we say it earlier

Renton gives Tommy money for the rent – I don’t think it’s for rent

It’s Diane and she’s questioning if Renton is clean?

Diane just said Iggy Pop is dead!! – Think you’ll find he’s still alive

Now we’re in London

Hello waving policeman


London looks a lot different in 1996

Renton now has a job selling houses

A letter from Diane – She tells us about Renton’s friends ala Where Are They Now

Begbie’s in London!

London had 7-Elevens

Renton and Begbie share the same bed

That pile of cigarette boxes is getting big

Think I just say Begbie’s sex face


“1000 years from now, they’ll be no guys nor girls. Just wankers!”

Begbie’s pulled a transexual

Sick Boy’s now in London

Sick Boy’s sold the TV!!! Then steals Renton’s fish

Renton then gives Begbie and Sick Boy but never paid rent

NO!!! Tommy’s died 😦

Tommy had sex with a kitten – EW!!

Spud sings a song in memory of Tommy – Kinda touchy song to be honest

Save Mikey or go to jail with your friend

Renton’s back on the drugs

Back to London we go… and we’re taking Spud with us

“This will be my final hit”

The Beatles Abbey Road photo re-enacted

I feel like I’m playing The Getaway

And now we play the waiting game

£16,000 for that bag of drugs!!!

Spud wants to find “true love”


Begbie’s just sliced Spud’s wrist!!!

This song sounds familiar

Spud got healed then

Begbie’s sleeping with the bag in his arms

Renton takes Begbie’s bag and leaves

Spud sees him leave and shakes his head

Begbie’s very angry

Shit it’s the police!!!

Renton says he’s going to change and choose life then lists off everything life has to offer

Spud’s only gone and found the leftover £2000



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