Seeing “No Country for Old Men” for the First Time #MovieReview #NoCountryForOldMen

Film 5 of 1001 is 2007’s No Country for Old Men. Or I shall now call it No Country for Mumblers. Lot of mumbling but at least I could make out what everyone was saying. Besides that, I rather enjoyed the it. Very tense in certain scenes. Had me hooked and wanting to root for the good guys. Personally, I thought Javier Bardem was fantastic as was everyone else. I just loved the way he went around expressionless killing anyone he pleased. Very enjoyable, highly recommend. Here is what I had to say while watching No Country for Old Men


Film – No Country for Old Men

Year – 2007

Director – Joel & Ethan Coen

Staring – Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin

IMDb Rating – 8.2/10

My Rating – 8.5/10



Film starts with a monolauge

Film then shows Anton Chigurh getting arrested and placed in the back of a police car in the middle of the desert

Anton then kills a policeman with his handcuffs around the neck

Somehow Anton got out of the handcuffs

Back in the desert to show a car being pulled over

Antons driving the police car


Now we’re hunting

That didn’t work, better keep the bullet casing

Random line of blood in the middle of the desert

It’s blood from the animal he shot as it limps away

Just waiting for something bad to happen

Dead men, guns, and abandoned cars – Feels like I’m playing Modern Warfare 2


Jesus thats one way to die

How the hell did he survive

I’ll have that thank you

That’s a lot of drugs

It’s just accured to me that this cowboy looks like wrestler John “Bradshaw” Layfield

I think the cowboy is Llewelyn

Only assuming that because I looked it up on IMDb

Bad mistake leaving a rifle in the desert

Another dead man

I’ll have that gun as well


Trailer parks well know for being in the desert

Don’t believe me then visit Trevor Phillips in GTA 5

Llewelyn tells his wife, Carla about the gun and the money

“I’m fixing to do something stupid but I’m doing it anyway”


How did he manage to find the car circle in the middle of the night

If we wasn’t saying “OW” earlier, he is now cause he’s dead

Hide under a car, then run away, always a good thing to do

They shot Llewelyn!

Llewelyn no sold that bullet

Swim away from the baddies – That idea wouldn’t work in a swimming pool I don’t think

That dog is determined!!

That’s another dog dead

Those scars on his back makes him look like a CZW wrestler

Back with Anton

Very mumbly men

This should be called “No Country for Mumblers”

“We close at dark”

Are we now playing 21 Questions

“What’s the most you’ve ever lost on a coin toss?”

Anton knows a lot about dates on coins

The shop keeper just won a lucky quarter, just don’t put it in your pocket

Back with Llewelyn who tells Carla to stay with her mom 

Back with Anton

“Am I riding Bitch?”

Anton finds the car circle Llewelyn found earlier

Anton just kills two more policeman… just because

You pay rent for horses?

Ed Tom Bell and Wendell arrives to find a burning car in the desert

Time to ride horses

Ed finds Llewelyns truck

“Oh Hell’s Bells, they even shot the dog”

Ed calls cocaine “Mexican Brown Dope”

Back with Anton whos at Llewelyn’s trailer and his deadly gas can


Anton searches the house and finds the bill for a telephone company

Anton then stares into a TV that’s switched off with milk

The sound of a toilet makes Anton leave the manager’s office

Back with Llewelyn and Carla who are on a coach about to leave

Llewelyn leaves 

Ed and Wendell arrive at Llewelyn’s trailer

There’s a marking on the wall from when Anton shot the lock off

“We just missed him”

Ed helps himself to the milk left on the table

LLewelyn arrives at a motel and unscrews the grate off the air conditioning

Llewelyn hides the money in the air conditioning – Not a bad idea

What’s the chances that’ll backfire

Time to lay low!

Back with Anton whos ringing numbers on LLewelyn’s phone bill

Llewelyn buys a new pair of boots so he doesn’t get spotted

Llewelyn’s truck is parked outside his room and thinks that something bad’s about to happen

Back with Anton driving along and scares a bird with a bullet

Back with Ed who looks upset that Wendell interrupted his eggs, sausage and tomato breakfast

Ed doesn’t want it no more – WASTE OF FOOD

Welcome to Texas, we sell guns to anyone

Llewelyn rents out a second motel room opposite to the one he originally booked

Back with Anton who drives with his hands close together on the steering wheel

Anton’s tracker leads him to the motel LLewelyn is staying in

I guess the money has a tracker

Anton then rents out a room

What the hell is Llewelyn building

Oh its a hook extender thingy

Also, I think Anton broke into Llewelyn’s original room

What the hell is that?!?!

A gas powered gun of some sorts

Squeaky noises

I guess that old saying “Shoot first, ask questions later” is Anton’s perogitory

Also, I think the Coen Brothers wanted to have a “Actions speak louder than words film”


If you don’t have a screwdriver, use a coin

The money case left a dust line in the air vents

Meanwhile on the scene of Dallas

Also in Texas, everyone wears a cowboy hat

I think I’m with Ellis in his office along with Carson Wells

How can there be a missing floor?

Llewelyn moves into an another motel which has cats at the reception

Very arty-esk cinematography

Llewelyn searches the money to see if there is a tracker

Turns out there is… Hidden in the money!

Ring the phone… no one answers – Sums up my life (I HAVE NO FRIENDS)

Llewelyn is getting pretty nervous about the situation

Better get my shotgun at the ready

Shadow appears under the doorframe of Llewelyn’s hotel room then the lights go out

Anton’s found him!

Escape through the fire escape!

Antons got, to quote Nonpoint, A BULLET WITH A NAME ON IT!

Anton has a terrible shot

Saying that, Llewelyn just crashed into a parked car and left the money in the truck

What I want to know is this… how is no one hearing these gunshots?!

Llewelyn then drives to the US Border and hides there

Now to quote Shaun of the Dead – “You’ve got read on you”

Llewelyn just bought a strangers coat and beer for $50

Not a bad idea – Throw the money away then puke after seeing a gunshot wound

Llewelyn just casually walks through the border into Mexico no problem

Llewelyn is then awaken by a Mexican band

“100 Bloody Dollars to fuck off”

Back with Anton with cotton balls and a bullet wound in his thigh

Anton just casually lights a car on fire and walks into the backroom of a pharmacy

Now I’m learning about how to heal a bullet wound

That is a lot of blood

I am now grossed out

I thought you stuck the needle for drugs in you ass cheeks

Back with Ed in his office

I now want a cowboy hat

Ed then pulls over a pick-up truck thats carrying something

Back with Llewelyn in the hospital 

How did Carson Wells find him

Carson tells Llewelyn about the money

Llewelyn is a retired welder who was in ‘Nam

Carson wants the money

LLewelyn claims he’s spent the money on hookers – $1.5 Million on HOOKERS!!! – Where did he get them, the Playboy Mansion

Back with Ed who meets with Carla

Ed tells her about what’s happened to Llewelyn

Ed doesn’t know why he told Carla everything

“I don’t know, my mind wanders”

Carson then heads to the border and finds the money hidden in grass near what looks like a swamp

Carson then teleports to the hotel


“Hello Carson. Let’s go to your room”

Do ATM’s withdraw $14,000

Anton and Carson have a chat

“Do you have any idea how crazy you are?”

“You can have the money, Anton”

That phone ringing made me jump!

Anton just shot Carson!

Let me put my feet up so I don’t get blood on my boots

Anton proposes that Llewelyn bring the money and he won’t go stalk his wife

Back with Ed who is being told about what happened at the motel by Wendell

Back with Llewelyn who is at the border

Llewelyn casually walks into a clothes shop in his hospital wear

He then retreaves the money and is at the coach station

He then has a phone conversation with Carla

Back with Anton who casually shoots Ellis in the neck

“Are you going to shoot me?” 

“That depends! Do you see me?”

Carla and her mom are in the back of a taxi on the way to El Paso

Once in El Paso, they are met by a mexican gangster

Back with Anton with a broken down car

A chicken farmer helps him out with his car

Anton just killed the chicken farmer and stole his truck

Llewelyn arrives at another motel and is met by a women by the pool

“Beer leads to more beer”

Ed arrives at the motel Llewelyn was at and we find the women who was by the pool dead

And Llewelyn’s DEAD!!!

Oh shit Carlas arrived

Ok so the guy that Carson met in the office and Anton shot wasn’t Ellis

El Paso Sheriff is with Ed near the end of the film

They talk about Anton

Ed returns to the motel where Llewelyn was killed

I have that gut feeling something bad’s about to happen

Anton is in the room sealed off armed and ready

Where is Anton hiding?

Back in the desert where Ed arrives at a shack with lots of cats

So now I know who Ellis is!!!!

Fuck me I’ve been swerved plenty finding out who Ellis is

Ed and Ellis talk about getting old

Now I feel old hearing what Ed and Ellis have to say

Now we’re at Carla’s moms funeral but only for a few seconds before we find Carla at her home

How did Anton get in the house?

“You don’t have to do this?”

“They all say the same thing”

Time for a coin flip

“The coin don’t have no say”

“I got here the same way the coin did”

Anton leaves the house

Fuck me that car crash shat me up

“Are you alright? You got a bone sticking out your arm!”

Anton pays a boy $100 for his shirt to make a sling out of it

Anton just casually walks away 

Back with Ed at his home with his wife who has retired

Ed talks about his dad to his wife

His dad was in his dreams last night

I feel old again hearing Ed’s dream with his dad



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