Seeing “Little Caesar” for the First Time #MovieReview #LittleCaesar #Gangster

Second film of the day and film number 4 in total is 1931’s Little Caesar. Second ever gangster film I’ve seen. The first being The Godfather. Overall, it was enjoyable. It really showed the rise and fall of a mobster really well. As they put it, “From the gutter to the top and back again”. Anyway, here are my thoughts as I watched Little Caesar


Little Caesar

Director – Mervyn LeRoy

Staring – Edward G Robinson, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Glenda Farrell€

IMDb Rating – 7.4/10

My Rating – 7/10


Third black and white film I’ve seen in a row

I got excited as the video online has subtitles – A FIRST!!!

Film starts with a quote from the Bible

“For All They That Take The Sword Shall Perish With The Sword” Matthew: 26-52

What a bastard! He just shot a innocent gas station attendant

If I don’t hear a “Mer See” I’ll be very upset

In the 30’s everyone wore fancy hats

Rico wants to be the best mobster in the world

That chef make spaghetti and coffee rather quickly

Rico doesn’t want to dance – He’ll make people dance for him

“We’re going East”

Nothing like a card game 

Rico gets his wish and becomes a mobster

Meet the crew

Meet the new guy

Even back in the day, people wear hats to the side like chavs

Clap, Clap, Clap

Clap Again!!!

Joe and his wife get a job dancing at a ballroom


Is that a gun in your pocket or are you pleases to see me?

Oh it is a gun!

This scene with the two of them talking is a little long

Now at Little Arnie Lorch’s Gambling House

Arnie’s mustache is weird

Diamond Pete’s on the way… Don’t know if this is good news or bad?

Everyone smokes cigars back in the day

Rico looks scared to be here or is that just his natural expression

“I’m watching you!”

Rico’s boss claims Rico isn’t a troublemaker but a little quick on the trigger

I wonder if any of this influenced The Godfather

Back at Club Palermo Dancing

The Boss is still playing cards

Rico’s pinstripe suit is very strippy

“You’re yellow!!!”

Rico has a layout of the nightclub for the job

The Boss screws it up and throws it away

This annoys Rico so he leaves

The Boss has his own plan already made

The male dancer is apparently needed for a job at The Bronze Peacock

“You’re gonna in this and you’ll like it”

The male dancer is called Joe

Joe looks upset that he’s being forced into doing things he doesn’t want to do

The Boss is called Samatori

Back at the ballroom a party is commencing


Arnie’s hat makes him look like a elf

Mr McClore is invited to meet Arnie

Mr McClore is leaving!!

Apparently it’s New Year’s Eve

Joe wanders into the crowd and closes the curtains behind him

He walks to the bar and Rico starts the robbery

MY GOD!! HE’S BEEN SHOT!!! McClore’s been shot!

“This ain’t no picnic!” – No it’s a robbery

Rico slaps the driver for taking too long starting the car

Joe breaks the news about the robbery to his wife

“You can’t go back on a gang”

Rico admits shooting McClore to Samatori

The driver crashes the car into a telephone pole which causes the car to break


That money clearly looks fake

Rico makes off with the money into a secret room

The police arrive into Samatori’s office to confront him about what just happened with the car

Samatori knows nothing about it

I think his name’s Samatori… I’m gonna call him Sam

Rico looks like he’s about to break but keeps his cool

Rico and Sam clearly don’t get along

Only problem with old films is the pacing is a bit slow

Rico splits the money with Sam

Now we’re with Antonio who’s being confronted by the maid

Back in the day, everyone ate nothing but spaghetti

Antonio and the maid reminist about Antonio singing in the church choir

Antonio doesn’t want to be left alone

Maybe it’s his mom I’m not sure – It’s not made clear

33 and a half minutes in and this film is making me tired

Antonio, the driver who crashed the car, doesn’t want to be apart of the mob anymore

Rico gets the news about Antonio broken to him

Antonio gets shot by Rico outside on the church steps

They have a funeral parade for Antonio

Rico complains that the funeral parade is moving too slowly

Back at the Palermo Club

Let’s look at the memorial book cover for Antonio


It’s time for a speech

Speech turns into sucking up to Rico

They live Rico a special watch

It’s Rico’s turn for a speech

“The liquor is good… Or so they tell me”

Rico’s speech lasts about 30 seconds


Rico sticks his chest out for the photos

Sam asks Rico about the whereabouts of Joe


The police say they’re keeping an eye on Rico

The watch Rico was given was stolen!

Back with Arnie who wants to stop Rico

Joe eastdrops on Arnie’s conversation about Rico

Back in the day, everyone had lung cancer


Joe breaks the news to Rico’s gang

Rico buys 10 newspapers all because they have his face on them


Rico gets show which causes the entire street to panic

The police confront Rico and says he would have done the same if he wasn’t a policeman

“I’m gonna get that split-headed mug if it’s the last thing I do”

Rico organises a job to take out Arnie

Rico finds Arnie 


Rico wants Arnie to leave town by tomorrow morning or he’ll gave him leave in a box

Cut to newspaper articles about Arnie leaving town followed by reactions from everyone including The Police

“The bigger they come, the harder they fall”

That shot makes it look like Rico’s getting more than a shoe buffering

Rico claims he looks like a waiter until coming to his senses

Rico is taken away by everything in the office

Rico gets told that Diamond Pete is done

Rico is now the king of the northside

“Rico continued to take care of himself, his hair and his gun — With excellent results”

Joe visits Rico and is told to do one last job with him

Rico claims Joe is wasting his time dancing

“Nobody every quit me” – If you take that out of context that line sound wrong

Rico calls Joe’s wife a waste of space

Joe refuses to work for Rico

Rico tells him that it’s suicide if he goes back to his wife

Joe quietly escapes while Rico is on the phone


Joe goes home to his wife and tells her about everything

His wife doesn’t want to leave

She hatches a plan to try and get Rico killed

She calls The Police

Rico arrives at Joe’s house

Joe mans up to Rico and dares him to shoot him

Rico looks upset and backs away

Montera calls Rico soft

The Polce arrive so Rico and Montera escape through the fire escape

Joe’s wife tells The Police about the incident at The Bronze Peacock on New Year’s Eve

Rico’s on the run



Back at the Palermo Club

The Police arrive at Sam’s office

Rico’s been hiding in Antonio’s mom’s secret room 

“Months passed — Rico’s career had been like a skyrocket — Starting from the gutter and returning there”


Rico easedrops on someone reading a newstory

“I’ll show him”

Rico calls The Police

The Police head out the find Rico

They find him!

Rico hides behind an advertisement border with Joe’s face on it

The Police uses a Tommy Gun and shoots at it killing Rico

“Is this the end of Rico?” – Rico’s last words



Side Note 1 – One of my good friends, Dan Moxon, wrote a blog about ‘The Perception of Gangland Culture in Film and Television”. Here’s what he had to say ->


Side Note 2 – A YouTube show called “Welcome to the Basement” looked at the film for the first time as well and they give a more detailed version of the film. Here are they’re comments on Little Caesar ->


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