My thoughts on seeing “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” for the first time!!!

So I recently purchased the 1001 films you must watch before you die and decided to watch one tonight! I randomly picked one and got Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I decided to do my thoughts in the style of a Twitter feed. Overall, I am going to give it a 7.8/10. Yes I got confused at parts but it was fun to watch. Some of the cinematography was breath taking at point, especially towards the end. Here are my thoughts on the film. Let me know what you think. The next film I’m gonna watch is 2006’s “The Departed”


Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Released in 1977

Directed by Steven Spielberg


Open in the Sonora Desert in Mexico

Looks like there on a rejected backlot for Star Wars

No idea who anyone is!

Flying in missing planes from 1945 that look like new

Shout out to Coca-Cola in the window

For a homeless person, he have some very white teeth

Still have no idea whats happening


Now in Air Traffic Control in Indianapolis

Somethings happening but not explained what

We think it’s a UFO 


Now in Munice, Indiana

Small boy in bed sees window open and mechanical monkey goes off

Then the record player

Then everything that moves in the bedroom

Kid walks down stairs

Shout out to Boston University t-shirt

Food in fridge is on floor and cat flap flaps… a lot

Kid looks puzzled

Then smiles

Then toy police car enters parents room

Mom sleeps in demin short shorts

Spots kid in garden giggling and running into an open field


Now in another house with a kid and dad and a model train set

What’s a fraction?

Dad explains fractions with model trains

Train crashes before kid can answer

Mom wants to see a film

Kid 2 destroys doll over counter

Kid 1 says Pinnochio is a G rated crapfest (G rating is a U in UK)

Dad says kids can go to golf or watch Pinnochio

Kids vote golf

Lose power when power goes out



Now in a forest with demin shorts mom whos looking for her son, Barry

Paper maps must have been annoying back in the day… thank God for GPS

Calls a driver a “Turkey” after being called a “Jackass”

Guy has a pull out map

Rattling mailboxes

Car loses power


Car has a mind of its own

Everything goes back to normal

That hum sound effect is VERY LOUD

Everything goes quick then dog barks then thunderstorm

Theres a UFO in the sky


Dad scares himself when car switches itself on

Panic over the tannoy 

Quick! Better get moving!!!

Teleported from inside a tunnel to a freeway

Barry is now in the middle of a road and spots a man and the lost members of The Goonies on the side of the road

Demin Shorts mom finds her kid and nearly gets hit by Dad’s car


It’s Ok, the police are on them!


Ohio State Line border freaks out

UFOs fly straight through then power comes back on 

Tender is now 75 cents short

Police car flies off a cliff

Power in Ohio comes back on

Dad somehow gets back home in space of a second

Dad & Mom have two conversations at once

UFO sightings are better than “Goofy Golf”

Dad is called Roy

Roy has half burned face

Roy says the UFO looked like a mixture of a Orange Ice Cream and a taco

Time for a make out session in the middle of the road

Roys clearly not interested


Now in a desert in Mongolia

3 Land Rovers and 2 Helicopters appear from over a hill

Guys in helicopter all have camera

Random ship in the middle of the desert

First swear in the film comes around the 33 and a half minute mark – “Beats the shit out of me” (after spotting the ship)

Still have no clue who they are


Back home and kids hit Roy in ass with a ping pong bat and takes a photo of him

Roy makes shapes with his shaving cream

Kid tries drowning them out by slamming hands on keys of piano

Roy’s wife won’t let him leave tonight

Typical kid fight stops when they hear Roy got fired


Now in India

Think a ritual is taking place

Ritual gets interrupted by the people who I STILL DONT KNOW WHO THEY ARE

All I know about them is that their French


Now we’re in a near empty conference hall

They talk about what happened in India – What did happen in India cause I don’t know

Zoltan Sign Language

Feedback after the singing from the recording – Now I’m more confused


Now back at road where everyone met when Roy nearly ran Barry over

Demin Shorts Mom meets with Roy

Roy then talks to Barry about the shape 

Think Roy’s gone insane

UFOs are back!! – Get the cameras out!!!

Demin Shorts Mom dresses slutty – Also not attractive

Uh Oh!!!

Run away!!! Its a helicopter!!!

Roy’s sunburn keeps changing different shades of orange


Now at Goldstone Radio Control

A man in a suit is being informed about whats happening

Numbers are location co-ordinate

A globe costs $2500 in 1977 – wonder what’s its worth in 2014

Co-Ordinates land in Wyoming


Back with Barry whos playing a xylophone

Demin Shorts Mom is drawing the shape that Roy is fasinated about then throws them all in the bin

Light appears from the clouds

That looks blue/green screened

UFOs back for real this time!

Lock the doors and windows and hide!!!

Except Barry!!!

Stupid kid opens door like a dipshit (then again he is a kid) and a orange light appears then stares at the ceiling

Barry tells “them” to “come through the door”

Barry thinks it’s the sun

Who has a grate in the floor of their kitchen?

All problems can be controlled by shouting

Mind controlled hoover – wish I had one


That keyboard noise

Barry crawls through the cat flap which causes the rattling to stop

Think Barrys been abducted as Demin Shorts Mom runs after UFO


Demin Shorts Mom is called Jillian

Hey, Roys there

Paparazzi are more annoying than TMZ


$7billion spent on cameras to try and get pictures of UFO

Guy blames Santa Claus for all this

Roy has lost his sunburn

“I Saw Bigfoot” to which I replied with “Fuck this UFO Bullshit! This guy knows his stuff!”

Roy starts drawing shapes on newspaper before snapping a pencil

America’s version of the RAF have to travel by Greyhound Coaches by Wyoming

Devil’s Tower


“There’s a dead fly in my potato” – EW!

Roy’s still making shapes, this time out of mash potatoes then cries

Think Roy’s gone crazy

Roy then throws clay into the sky before trying to get himself tangled in a swing

Roy then magically is in the shower in his clothes 

Roy cares more about the fact his watch is waterproof

Roy’s Wife is called Ronnie – Taken me over an hour to find that out!

I’m about to go as crazy as Roy in a moment!

Looney Tunes!?! WTF?? Duck Rogers and the 23rd 1/2 Century!!!

I now want to watch Duck Rogers now

Roy is ripping up plants and throwing them and mud through the kicthen window

Bricks must be light if a kid can easily throw them

No wonder their neighbours hate them

I hate that kids haircut

Ronnie drives off with the kids and Roy walks away like nothing happened while the entire neighbourhood watches

Roy has now made a giant shape in the living room

TV shows a old show before going into adverts for Budweiser then the news

I think Ronnie wants to divorce Roy over the phone

The shape Roy’s recreating is Devil’s Tower

Denim Shorts Mom is back!

Oh Christ shes into shapes

Maybe her and Roy should see each other

Holy shit everything is making sense

I now have a headache


Now in Moorcroft, Wyoming

Roy drives into oncoming traffic while everyone in Wyoming is trying to get out

“Get your gas masks for $84”

Roy spots Denim Shorts Mom

Police guard has enough and leaves them

Time to go off-roading… in a family estate

Denim Shorts Mom has a chicken???

“Oh no, a barbed wire fence is blocking their path”


There it is!!! Devil’s Tower!!!

If that barbed wire was real, their hands would be in severe pain as they were holding the barbs

Dead animals on the side of the road

They bought the gas masks!!! 


The white coats!!!

The chickens dead!!!

There taking Roy and Denim Shorts Mom away!!!

How did we end up in prison


They agree to work together

Ok I lied – I’ve been Vince Russo’d


Run Roy Run!!!

They plan to temporary nuke them???

I’m lost!

What the hells going in?

Those army men are wearing camoflauge but I can clearly see them

Roy amazingly grew facial hair between shots

Nice sunset 

The sleep gas comes out

Larry thinks they’re “Cropt Dusting” then falls asleep

Roy is having a hard time climbing but Denim Shorts Mom has no problem

There’s an air base in the middle of the cliff!!!

“This is not a drill”

UFOs in sky look like stars – very cool looking shot

UFOs are friendlies??? – They come in peace

Media have no problem getting to air base

Keyboard Noises hurt my head

UFOs leave

Roy and Denim Shorts Mom are about to leave but a cloud forms nearby

It’s surrounding Devil’s Tower

Those light patterns in the sky look familiar

Roy and Denim Shorts Mom somehow get closer to the air base


JESUS CHRIST!!! Roy and Denim Shorts Mom has to kiss – International sign that something bads gonna happen to one of them


OW!!! The humming hurts!!!!

This hurts more knowing I have headphones on. Wonder what it would sound like with surround sound

How is Roy get in the air base?

That UFO looks like a satellite

Everyone get your Aviator Sunglasses on

The UFOS keyboard noises sound like farts


How has no one from the air base noticed Roy?

Its the creatures

Wait a minute!

Their pilots and captains from the navy!!!

Oh there the people the creatures captured

Now this makes even more sense

Fuck me this is confusing

Hey it’s Barry!!!

Denim Shorts Mom is already acting like nothing ever happened

So the creatures were nice guys after all!!!

So whos the evil villain in this?

Oh wait their not done

What the fuck is that???

The creature looks like daddy long legs

There mini creatures!!!!


Take me to your leader


Just gonna let this set it

Now I know where the influence for ET came from



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