My first review – WCW Monday Nitro April 10th 2000

Before I get started, this is the first time I’ve ever done something like this so if it’s a bit crap, I apologise. I chose this edition of Nitro for a reason. It is the episode of Nitro where everything was restarted. New storylines, new champions, new everything! So I’d thought I’d watch it and try my best to write a report on it

This edition of WCW Nitro took place on April 10th, 2000 from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. In six days, WCW would host Spring Stampede from Chicago, Illinois so this the “go home” show. This achieved a TV Rating of 3.1. Our commentators are Tony Schiavone, Scott Hudson & Mark Madden. It opened with every wrestler and valet stood in and around the ring. Well almost everyone. Some wrestlers are making their way to the ring. They are Scott Steiner, The Wall, Vampiro, Booker, Ernest Miller, Billy Kidman, Torrie Wilson, Van Hammer & the WCW US Champion Jeff Jarrett. Tony says that no one knows what happening tonight. All they know is that Vince Russo called everyone out for a meeting. Jeff Jarrett takes the mic and cuts the promo.

He says “When I Came to WCW some six months ago, I told everyone that I was ‘The Chosen One’. I was hand picked to be the next WCW World Champion. My future was in the hands of the man who had the biggest hand in turning the WWF around. I know because I was there. Well somewhere along the way, our masterplan got derailed by a pack of good old boys. Who couldn’t compete in his league and they knew it. Well I’ve just got one thing to say… Yeah I’ve just got one thing to say to that bunch of slapnuts sitting at home watching this on TV tonight. What goes around comes around. So without further ado, it is my honour and my privelige to introduce you to the man who once was Vince McMahon’s best kept secret. Who will once again change the game. The power is… Vince Russo!”

Vince Russo comes out to a rip off cover version of Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man”. The commentators point out that Russo is not alone in being in charge of WCW. Eric Bischoff will be joining him. Vince Russo then speaks. 

“You know after giving six years of my life to the World Wrestling Federation, I came to WCW with one thing in mind. And that was to beat Vince McMahon at his own game. And you know what? Within a matter of weeks, The New Blood in WCW were not only getting back in the game, they were changing the game. And that’s when the good old boys network kicked in. Afraid of change, and more importantly, afraid of their jobs, the political B.S. took place in the back to bring Vince Russo down. And you scum at home know who you are because you’re watching me now. And then one day, I’m told that there’s gonna be a change in direction. A change that I knew sucked! And you know what, I wasn’t the only one who knew. [Chris] Benoit knew, [Eddie] Guerrero knew, [Perry] Saturn knew, [Dean] Malenko, [Shane] Douglas knew and they left. There gone! Scott Steiner, he knew it and they suspended his ass. Well, you know what, that’s all over now. It’s done. And Vince Russo is back in charge again. And I want to turn around and I want to say something to everybody in this ring. It is over! The old boys management is over! The inflated egos in the back, afraid to lose their spots. It is over! It is a dawning of a new day. It is your opportunity to seize that opportunity.”

After Russo is done talking, Eric Bischoff says “Are you done yet?” Bischoff makes his way to the ring and shakes hands with Russo and hugs him. Bischoff then says 

“Let me tell you something, this man, Vince Russo and I have more in common than anybody knows. But the big thing is that we were both screwed by the same good old boys network. Vince is right, those days are over. But it’s OK. I don’t even mind. Any do you know why I don’t mind? It’s because it’s given me a hell of an opportunity to think about all the great things I did here in WCW. But it’s also an opportunity to realise the mistakes that I have made. Mistakes like… Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Sting, Diamond Dallas Page, and oh yeah, oh yeah, lets not forget Sid ‘wishes he was’ Vicious. But you know what the biggest mistake I’ve ever made? I mean this is a real big one. Hulk Hogan. I’m sorry, I really am sorry. Everybody told me he would screw me. He would use me. They said ‘Do not look into that red and yellow light’ because you will be blinded. Well, I was blinded but tonight I’ve got 20/20 vision. I’m seeing real clearly for the first time in a long time and right now I want to apologise to everybody in this ring. The New Blood. And I want you guys to know, that if there is anything that I can do for Vince Russo that will help you, I am there for him. I am there for you because it is a whole new WCW. And where are they? Where are they? Where is Diamond Dallas Page? Where is Sting? Where are they?” Whilst Bischoff was talking, we cut to backstage were we see Lex Luger, Sting, Diamond Dallas Page & Sid Vicious watching backstage. Russo then says that they are hiding with their tail between their legs as Sting, Sid Vicious, Lex Luger & Diamond Dallas Page walk onto the stage. Bischoff says “You guys look like you’ve shown up ready for work”. Page takes the mic and questions what Bischoff has been smoking to which he replied with “Screw you, Page! You want to know something, if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t be here tonight. You’d be slurping drinks in a rundown redneck bar in the middle of Florida. Telling the world that you’re friends with Bon Jovi. Where were you for the last six months while I’ve been sat at home umemployed? How about you, Sting, who’s the guy who rebuilt your career? I’ll tell you who it is, the same guy who made Lex Luger a multi-millionaire. When the WWF didn’t want anything else to do with him. That’s who it is. What about you, Sid? I’ll tell you what guys, I made you and I can sure as hell break you. But this time, it’s gonna be more fun. And it’s gonna be a little more fair. This time, it’ll be a level playing field.”

Vince Russo then cuts Eric off and says “You know what, Eric, before we get into that level playing field, I have something that I want to say and it’s a little personal. Because I know, he is back there hiding as well. I got something that I want to say to Ric Flair. Ric Flair, you are a piece of shit on the bottom of my shoe. I’m gonna scrap of that shit, and flush your ass down the toilet personally. Now Jeff, this is where you gotta trust me. Eric said that this is gonna be a level playing field and we’re gonna start a new day right here tonight. So, Jeff, I’m gonna ask you to hand that US title over to me. All titles will be stripped tonight! It’ll be a brand new playing field.” Russo then takes all of the belts from people expect for the World Heavyweight Title which is around Sid’s waist. As Russo is doing this, the fans start chanting for “Goldberg”. Sid then dares Eric to takes his belt off him and Eric said “OK”. Eric then starts walking over to Sid on the ramp. Eric asks Sid “Do you wanna lay me out?” to which Sid smiles and looks into the crowd for a response. He then asks Sid “Can’t find your scissors?” which is a reference to a confrontation that took place between Sid and Arn Anderson years ago that involved scissors. Sid then eventually hands over the World Title to Eric Bischoff who replies with “See you on the 16th, Spring Stampede. That’s when a real world champion will be crowned”. This segment alone took 19 minutes. 

We are then shown Hulk Hogan arriving in the arena as we cut to commercial

After commercial, Tony, Scott & Mark recap everything that just happened. We cut to Hogan’s locker room where we see him taping up one of his wrists. Sting then enters and tells him Bischoff is onto him and says he isn’t ribbing him.

Tony then tells us that Eric Bischoff made an announcement during the commercial break that a mini tournament has been made for tonight to determine who will face Jeff Jarrett for the now vacant WCW World Heavyweight Championship at Spring Stampede in SIX DAYS!!! 

Match one is a WCW World Heavyweight Championship Quarter Final Match between Diamond Dallas Page and Lex Luger. Page comes out with his wife, Kimberly, and his music gets cut off and he also doesn’t get his pyro. Lex Luger then comes out with Elizabeth. His music is also cut off. When he gets in the ring to flex and pose, his spotlight is removed and the lights come back on. During the match, Buff Bagwell made his entrance and gets all of his music and pyro and starts talking to Elizabeth. This distracts Luger who is then hit with the Diamond Cutter for the three at 4:23. Page’s music plays for a bit before it gets cut. 

Backstage, we see Hogan knocking and opening doors looking for Eric Bischoff as we go to commercial

After Commercial, we see Curt Hennig talking to Vince Russo about why he isn’t in the tournament. Russo says that if he can beat Jeff Jarrett tonight then he will takes Jarrett’s place in the main event at Spring Stampede. We then cut to Hogan who is still looking for Bischoff

Tank Abbott’s music plays and he comes to the ring. He says he doesn’t know the difference between a wrist lock and a wrist watch then he calls out Goldberg who is out injured after punching in a limo window back in either December or January. I can’t remember. Tank then says he is going to beat up innocent victims until Goldberg finally accepts his challenge. Tank makes his way to the announce table and attacks Mark Madden. He rips Mark’s shirt off which causes one or two fans in the front row to laugh. Tank throws him into the ring and punches him until security break it up

Backstage, we see Jeff Jarrett talking to Russo about having to wrestle against Curt Hennig to which Russo replies with “Trust me.” Also backstage, we see Torrie Wilson confronting Billy Kidman about what he’s about to do. Then we cut to Hulk Hogan who asks Terry Taylor where Eric Bischoff is as we cut to commercial

After Commercial, we see Hogan has finally found Bischoff who invited him into his office for a chat. Billy Kidman’s music plays as he comes out to cut a promo. “You know, I feel like I’ve been handed a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card because for years, me and the rest of The New Blood have been held down by the ego maniacs trying to hold on to their fading careers. I’ve been used and abused and told to keep my mouth shut. Well, tonight is my night. And the one man I wanna address is the biggest ego maniac of them all. Hulk Hogan! That’s right, Hulk, for weeks you’ve been bad mouthing me. You’ve been talking about my size. And yeah, I may not have the body that you have but I have two things that you can’t take away from me and they’re two things that you will never have. Heart and talent! We all know the only way to get that grotest orange tan that you have is to be in the spotlight for way too long. You say that Billy Kidman can’t draw flies. Well, maybe you’re right. But who would know better than drawing flies than a pile of shit like you. So, Hulk, that leaves only one thing that I’ve waited a long time to do. I’m calling your ass out! It’s time if your balls are as big as your bald spot”. Hogan hears what Kidman had to say from a monitor backstage and makes his way to the ring to confront Kidman.

Hogan says “Who in the hell do you think you are, Kidman? I’ve been sitting in the back and this isn’t the first time I’ve listened to your crap. I’ve been watching you the last couple of months. I’ve been hearing you crying. ‘When am I gonna get the break? When am I gonna get the push?’ Well you’re the kind of punk that gives the young guys a bad name.” Kidman replies by saying that Hogan’s career is over. Hogan replies with “If you were in my league, if you were in the same game as me you might understand what this business is all about. But you’re so damned ‘pee-whipped’ with that girl that you…” This causes Kidman to attack Hogan before he can say something about his girlfriend, Torrie Wilson. Hogan starts to make a comeback after Billy Kidman dives into a guardrail by sending him into the ring post then into the guardrail. Hogan then throws him into the ring and lays into him with punches in the corner. Eric Bischoff then comes out with a chair in hand. He then hits Hogan in the head with the chair which causes Hogan to bleed. Kidman then pins Hogan and Bischoff counts the fall and raises Kidman’s arm in the air. 

We cut backstage to find a limo pulling up and Ric Flair gets out. 


After Commercial, Hulk Hogan is going mental backstage. He throwing everything and dropping swear words left, right and centre. We then cut to Ric Flair who is watching some of the things that happened earlier in the show. He then comes to the ring and talks. “Woo! Only this time, it must be Vince ‘Oh My God you’re back’ Russo, huh! Is that it? Russo, if what I’m told if correct, you and Bischoff have just given me the green light. I said it last week, I said ‘I can’t say how I feel about you in ten seconds, give me ten minutes!’ Here’s the deal, Russo, here’s what you can’t stand. You came from the WWF to save us. My friend, you grew up watching me, pal. You know it and you live with it everyday of your life. You want to call me ‘old’. Put ‘old’ away and call me ‘great’. You think in this town that every time Brian Griese [NFL player for Denver Broncos at the time] throws a touchdown that they forget about John Elway. Elway’s the man! Elway! Elway! It doesn’t mean that Brian Griese ain’t a player but Elway’s the man and if you’re from New York, what you better get used to, if you grew up looking at Yankees Stadium, you say Joe, you say The Knicks, you saw Ric Flair next to them. That drives you crazy, pal. This is the only business sport in the world that you get your ass kicked for getting old. Forget about old, I got great. So did Hogan. So did Sting. So did Page. We all got great based on our own abilities. You want to insult me! Here’s the deal. I hate Bischoff but at least he’s got the guts to step up to Vicious. Russo, I ain’t spending $200,000 on John Taylor. You got a problem with me, then step up to me.”

Scott Steiner’s music hits and he comes out and stands on the stage. “Ric Flair, you old bastard, I’m listening to you in the back on the moniter and quite frankly, you’re boring me to death. The last time I came out here and did an thing on you, you obviously listened because you gritted your teeth but your still crooked as hell. After I did that interview, you and your old bastard friends tried to get me fired. But that didn’t surprise me none because if you look at the WWF now and see whos the champion up there with the exception of one person, they’ve all come from here. Except you and your old bastard friends ran them out so you could be a 14-time world champion. That don’t mean shit to me. That fat ass in the front row with no teeth could be a 14-time world champion if he has all his friends pulling the strings. When I look at you, I see a confused look on your face so I’m gonna put it to you another way. I know there’s no way in hell you can never be at my level physically and mentally so I’m gonna lower myself to what you are, that old class, white trash from Charlotte, North Carolina. So see if you can guess who I am now”. Steiner then pulls out some fake teeth and starts imitating Flair. Whilst Steiner’s doing this, Shane Douglas comes from out of nowhere and knocks down Ric Flair with one punch and a elbow while Steiner is still bad mouthing Flair.

Cut to backstage where we see Kevin Nash on crutches arriving


After commercial, the camera cuts to Bret Hart sat in the audience and no one notices that he is there. We also get a recap for Shane Douglas attacking Ric Flair. Backstage, Flair is looking for Douglas. He should try looking by the interview section because that’s where he is with “Mean” Gene Okerlande who shouts at Douglas for attacking Flair. Douglas says that Ric Flair is making a joke out of the business, says he will “franchise his ass” and has hated him from day one. 

54 minutes in and we are now getting our second match. 

Match two is a WCW World Heavyweight Championship Quarter Final match between Sting and Sid Vicious. Sting defeated Sid Vicious in 6:17 by Count Out. During the match, the referee is knocked down which leads to The Wall running in and hitting Sid in the back with a chair after Sid had just powerbombed Sting. The Wall then chokeslams Sid through a table on the outside of the ring which causes him to get counted out. 

So it’s Diamond Dallas Page vs Sting against the winner of Jeff Jarrett vs Curt Hennig for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of Spring Stampede. Ric Flair enters the ring and challenges Shane Douglas to a match later tonight. Cut to backstage where we see Hogan still on a rampage throwing a box of ice at the camera. 

After commercial, we see Hogan asking people where Eric Bischoff is and throws them into a fence. Tony then talks about the premiere of “Ready to Rumble” at Mann’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, California which saw David Arquette hit Jeff Jarrett over the head with a guitar as Jarrett said he would crash the premiere. Tony and Scott then say that David Arquette is going to be on Thunder on Wednesday and they both tell him not to after everything that has happened. 

Match 3 is a WCW World Heavyweight Championship Semi Final match between Jeff Jarrett vs Curt Hennig. Jeff Jarrett defeated Curt Hennig in 4:28. Once again, the referee is knocked down which causes Shawn Stasiak to enter using Hennig’s old music. Scott Hudson tells us that Stasiak used to be Meat in the WWF. Stasiak attacks Hennig and hits him with some move. Jarrett then hits Hennig with The Stroke for the 3.

Backstage, Hogan enters a skybox in the arena and asks fans where Eric Bischoff was. We then cut to Ric Flair walking backstage for his match with Shane Douglas

After commercial, we see Kevin Nash on the phone to someone. We then get a interview by Mean Gene and Sting. 

Match 4 is Ric Flair vs Shane Douglas. Both men wrestled in street clothes. But it isn’t a street fight? Ric Flair defeated Shane Douglas by Disqualification in 3:03 after Vince Russo hit Flair with a baseball bat. After the match, Shane Douglas attacks Flair with Russo’s bat while Russo steals Ric Flair’s $15,000 Rolex and leaves with Douglas. Backstage we see Kevin Nash making his way to the ring

After commercial, we get a recap of the aftermath of the Flair vs Douglas match.

Kevin Nash makes his way to the ring on crutches as we are told that he has a broken ankle. Nash says “Denver, Colorado! Big Sexy in the…[fans shout ‘house’]. Let me see if I’ve got this right. We got a couple of jack-offs in the back running around deciding whos careers there gonna make and whos there gonna break. And to add insult to injury, these two jack-offs have decided that their gonna play ‘Wrestler’ and attack the boys. Now granted, after travelling up and down the road the last ten years with Scott Hall, I’ve lost a couple of brain cells, my question is ‘What the hell happened to sweet little wrestling show we were doing every Monday?’ I mean, where in the hell is The Dog when you need him? You know, Russo, Easy E, I’m gonna give you guys an opportunity. I just got off the phone with Scott, and you know what? Scott’s straight. Scott’s sober. And Scott’s in a real bad mood. So why don’t we cut the chase boys, but you know what, the way I look at it, either one of you guys wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Scott and I. Russo, you know for a fact Scott Hall and Kevin Nash when you were in the World Wrestling Federation saved you from being decapitated by Shawn Michaels numerous occasions. And you, Easy E, if it wasn’t for The Outsiders there would have been no N.W.O. and you’d still be bringing Verne Gagne his coffee in Minnesota. You want us out, it’s real simple, if you’re gonna come down here, bring your bat, bring your chair. Most importantly, bring your balls!” Just then, Mike Awesome enters the ring and attacks Nash with his crutches. Tony points out that Mike Awesome is the current ECW World Champion. Before Awesome talks, he flips off a fan and says “When I heard Bischoff and Russo were back in the saddle here in WCW, I knew that it was too sweet of an opportunity to pass up.” The fans the chant “Asshole” at him. Second chant of the night. Might have been some during the matches but I could hear them

Backstage, we see Hulk Hogan on the phone sat in his limo. He says hes gonna eat Bischoff’s ass off??? He then see the camera and slams the door. Just then, the white Hummer from last year makes a return and smashes into Hogan’s limo. Eric Bischoff  gets out of the driver’s seat and is joined by Billy Kidman who was in the passenger’s seat. 

After commercial, we see Billy Kidman writing N.B. on Hulk Hogan’s chest and says he should get it tattooed. 

It’s time for our main event!

Match 5 is a WCW World Heavyweight Championship Semi Final match between Diamond Dallas Page (w/Kimberly) vs Sting. Page gets all of his music and his pyro this time. Before the match starts, Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and goes to the commentary table and joins Tony and Scott. More interference as Jeff Jarrett goes after Kimberly which distracts Page. The referee goes after Page to get him back in the ring which causes Sting to be attacked by Vampiro. Vampiro hits The Nail in the Coffin and leaves before Page and the ref get back in the ring. Page hits the Diamond Cutter on Sting and gets the win in 3:42. 

So the main event at Spring Stampede is Jeff Jarrett vs Diamond Dallas Page for the Vacant WCW World Heavyweight Championship. After the match, Jarrett goes to hit Page with his guitar but Page ducks out of the way and Jarrett ends up hitting Kimberly. We cut to commercial

After commercial, we get a recap of Jeff Jarrett hitting Kimberly with the guitar and we see Diamond Dallas Page carry Kimberly to the back. We then see Jeff Jarrett, Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff who are all smiles. Jarrett then comes back out to the ring and says “That’s right. Six days. Six days and counting until The Chosen One realises his destiny. Six days until The Chosen One gets to show who has all the stroke around this place. Six days until Spring Stampede until I am crowned the new WCW World Heavyweight Champion. And Page, this Sunday, if you want to bring your wife back along, there’s gonna be a real man in the ring who can show her some more ‘wood’.” Page’s music hits and charges the ring to attack Jarrett. Just then Scott Steiner runs out to attack Page. Lex Luger then runs out and attacks Jarrett, Steiner and Buff Bagwell who had just ran out. The Wall and Vampiro both come out and attack Luger & Page. Sting then runs out and tries to clean house but is cut off by Booker T and Ernest “The Cat” Miller. The New Blood beat up Sting, Page & Luger and stand tall as both Vince Russo & Eric Bischoff come out and shake each others hands with smiles from ear to ear. Just then, Bret Hart appears behind them as Nitro fades to black and that the end of Nitro

Gonna be honest, it was a hard time trying to watch this. It did take me several attempts to even try to watch past the first segment. I have posted the video link here for you to watch -> Hope you liked this. Again, this is my first attempt at something like this. Let me know if you like it. Thanks for reading


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