Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?

For one of my dissertation ideas, I wanted to look at graffiti and ask the question, “Is graffiti art or vandalism”? For this, I have taken photos of some graffiti and I am going to post them on here before I decide which ones to use and print out. Let me know your opinions on graffiti and which one of these you like. I have noted where these are photos were taken below each of. 


A Cat on a door in a alleyway in LiverpoolImageImage

Both of these are found on a bridge in Leeds near Calls LandingImage 

On a play set in Cottingley, LeedsImage Spiderman, Rockets and the Police in a basketball court in Holbeck, Leeds



On a abandoned mill in Holbeck, LeedsImage

 On a bridge in Beeston, Leeds on Crow Nest LaneImage 

Near Temple Mills in Holbeck, Leeds ImageImage 

A urban bar in a porta-cabin in Beeston, LeedsImage

“I Live ‘ere” in Beeston, LeedsImage 

Under the same bridge where the skull from earlier was in LeedsImageImage 

Both this and John Lennon can be found on Embankment in LondonImage 

Under a bridge in LeedsImage 

On a tunnel in Leeds

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