Here We Go Again

So my summer holidays are almost over as I go back to university as of the 23rd. It’s hard to think that this is the final year of study. Once May rolls along, that’s it! I’m on my own from there on out. I haven’t a clue what I want to do post university let along a clue about how to present my dissertation idea. I have a idea for what I want to do, it’s just putting it together. For those interested, my dissertation idea is to look at Leeds from the 1950’s/60’s and see how much it has changed over the years. For example, for those who know where it is, Superdrugs in Leeds city centre use to be a pub called “The Golden Cock” and you can tell it used to be a pub as it still has the original tile piece of a “golden cock” on top on the building. I’m not just going to look at the city centre. I’m going to look at Leeds history in sports. Old Leeds United football photos from the days when they were managed by Don Revie to today where they are managed by Brian McDermott. A look at Leeds Rhinos rugby photos from when they went under the name of Leeds St Johns. They’ve only been called Rhinos since 1996. And since the Yorkshire Cricket Club is in the area, why not give it a visit. Sure they’ve got some history. 

But I digress. I look back at my summer holidays which started back at the end of April to Monday, almost 5 months, and think about everything I have done. From all the music gigs in pubs to working a charity festival for the four year running. From getting signed by South Leeds Community Radio to reuniting with old high school friends for one night only. It’s the smallest of things I remember and cherish the most. Plus, I also started working on my dissertation in Leeds Town Hall and Leeds Grand Theatre. Sadly, I can’t post those photos online. Maybe when the coursework has been submitted and university is over and done with. Still a couple of places to visit but apart from that, I’m making steady progress. 

I’m going to leave this blog short so I can get ready for uni and see what lies ahead for me. I hope you enjoyed this. 


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